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Nike Golf 360 App Review

Nike Golf 360 App Review

Nike Golf 360 App Review: Free on iTunes

Nike Golf 360 App

Click HERE to connect to iTunes FREE Nike Golf 360 App.



Nike firmly believes every golfer is an athlete and is dedicated to helping golfers take their game to the next level on and off the course.



Now Nike offers an App for that. Download the free Nike Golf 360 App from iTunes to help improve your swing while improving functional golf fitness.


The Nike Golf 360 App is designed to track rounds, statistics and record and compare swing sequences. It even goes so far as to evaluate your game’s improvements and even view and implement a golf-specific training program.


The technology in the Nike Golf 360 App allows golfers to pinpoint deficiencies and provide the tools to turn a weakness into a strength.

Nike Golf 360

A smartphone screen shot of some Nike Golf 360 App interactive features.

Athletes will appreciate several features that that make the Nike Golf 360 App a necessity for any series golfer. The Leaderboard section tracks individual statistics, such as scoring average, driving accuracy, greens in regulation, putts per round, birdies and pars per round.

The ability to compare rounds pinpoints exactly what is going on with your golf game. The Nike Golf 360 App also awards trophies for improving statistics in the Leaderboard section. So you can share your results and progress with your friends on social media sites.

Nike Golf 360

The Nike Golf 360 App comes with an in-depth Training section to help you improve you swing and overall game.

The Training section will transform your swing and body. Improve your swing fundamentals with the with the Swing feature. The Swing section allows users to record, review and compare swings with friends and Nike Golf Staff players. PGA Teaching Professionals also can analyze and recommend corrections through the My Swing feature, which is great. 

Nike Golf 360

Of course, the Nike Golf 360 App has what accounts for “the basics” these days in golf GPS/game apps.

Physical fitness helps determine a golfers potential. Utilize the Body section to train like Tour professionals and improve personal fitness. Many swing faults are the result of physical limitations. The Gray Institute teams up with Nike to develop a Functional Performance System available in the Nike Golf 360 App.

Athletes receive a detailed golf training program to improve limitations and improve fitness levels.

Additionally in the Training center, view tips and drills from Nike Tour staff players in categories such as driving, iron play, short game and putting.

Nike Golf 360

Just some of the Nike Golf 360 App features.

The Nike Gear section allows golfers to shop Nike products on the Nike website. The Nike Golf 360 App offers selections for equipment such as clubs, balls, footwear and popular Nike apparel.

The Nike Golf 360 App is a functional App designed to improve all areas of your game.

Best of all, the popular Nike Golf 360 App is free!

Nike Golf 360

Wanna share your low score with your friends? Brag on!

However, it is not yet available for Android smartphones via Google Play Store. But it should only be a matter of time since Nike makes Android apps for running, crossing training and general daily athletic health. Those apps currently are on iTunes now. According to published reports, the Nike golf app is on its way to Android soon.

Download the free App, take advantage of the features, become a more complete player and take your game to the next level.

Here’s a list of features:

Nike Golf 360


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