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No Regrets: LPGA’s Amanda Blumenherst Finds Family, Fulfillment Away from Golf

No Regrets: LPGA’s Amanda Blumenherst Finds Family, Fulfillment Away from Golf

No Regrets: LPGA’s Amanda Blumenherst Finds Family, Fulfillment Away from Golf

Last September, LPGA pro golfer and 2008 U.S. Women’s Amateur Championship winner Amanda Blumenherst signed the scorecard for her final round 76 at The 2013 Evian Championship in France and headed home.

But unlike with the hundreds of events she had played in her life, this time Blumenherst, 27, wasn’t just walking away from an event — she was walking away from the game of golf.

For now, at least.

Having grown tired of seeing her husband, Oakland A’s first baseman Nate Freiman, so little since their marriage in December 2012 due to their busy travel schedules, Blumenherst made the difficult decision to leave the LPGA. A destination the Duke University star had sought her whole life. 

“It was our first year of marriage, and Nate (27 and 6-feet, 8-inches tall!) and I were seeing each other about every five weeks, which was very difficult,” she told 2nd Swing Golf. “And we knew that we wanted to start a family sooner than later.” 

The couple won’t have to wait very long to don their parenting caps as they just announced late last month they are expecting their first child in November 2014.

LPGA Amanda Blumenherst

Now, almost a year after leaving the Tour, Blumenherst admitted that while she misses her friends, the competition and the satisfaction of playing a solid round or tournament, she is nothing but at ease with her decision.

“I have never been happier,” she said. “It is strange not playing competitively or traveling with the Tour, but I have been staying busy with pro-ams.”

Blumenherst has played in 12 pro-ams, including visits to three Air Force bases in England and Germany, where she gave golf lessons and helped with golf clinics for two weeks.

LPGA Amanda Blumenherst

Recently “retired” LPGA Amanda Blumenherst pro at the 2014 Ron Jaworski Celebrity Golf Challenge in Atlantic City, NJ (between NFL star Michael Vick and ESPN analyst former NFL Eagles great Jaworski).

While she and Freiman are still apart a good deal between her golf pro-am events and the A’s laborious baseball schedule, the distance is much easier to handle these days, she said.

“We have been together for eight years, and last fall to winter was the first time we had spent more than six-consecutive weeks together,” Blumenherst said. “It was incredible. Our relationship has definitely grown, and now being apart for two weeks is difficult. I hope that just being together helps.”

So, can we expect a return to the LPGA Tour anytime down the road? Blumenherst said nothing is off the table. In fact, she doesn’t think it would take her very long to be tournament ready.

“I honestly feel like I am hitting the ball better than I have in years,” she said, “but I think that my short game, more specifically my chipping, would take a few months of practice for me to feel confident and comfortable.”

Stay tuned.



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