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Odyssey Metal X Milled Versa 7 Putter Review

Odyssey Metal X Milled Versa 7 Putter Review

Odyssey Metal X Milled Versa 7 Putter review (Buy here): $349.99

When it comes to putting, any player, especially me, wants the process to be as simple as possible.

Now, technology in golf has been getting a little gimmicky lately. Putters, as much as any other clubs on the market, incorporate that “Wow” factor on many levels.

The putter that any player uses must feel great, look cool and be easy to align. For these three criteria, the Odyssey Metal X Milled Versa 7 will be a huge success for Odyssey.

Metal-X Milled Versa 7

Technology  (95 out of 100)

If I’m looking for a putter with every bit of technology in the putter world, the Odyssey Metal X Milled Versa  7 Putter has it.

It doesn’t matter how good of a putter you may be, the latest and greatest technology can improve anyone’s putting ability. Three pieces of technology highlight this putter:


This was a huge success for Odyssey in the last couple of years. The Versa technology gives a player direct feedback on face alignment at address and for the entirety of the stroke. Always remember, alignment is a major issue for most players — and this putter will automatically improve your alignment.

Metal X Roll

This will drastically reduce those three putts. The oval depressions that are milled into the face give any player that perfect roll off the putter face. These depressions perfectly lock into the dimples of the golf ball, adding more friction that promotes a more consistent roll for better distance control.

Adjustable-Weight Kit

Whether you local fitting expert requires a heavier or lighter putter for you, or a longer or shorter one, you can adjust the head weight of the putter to suit your needs.

For example, if you realize that the Odyssey Metal X Milled Versa 7 Putter you ordered is too long and you want to shorten it, the putter then will be much lighter than originally designed. With the adjustable weight kit, you can replace the current weights with heavier ones to regain that original weight for which the putter was designed.

The Odyssey Metal X Milled Putter will give you peace of mind no matter what adjustments you want to make to it; and you can make plenty.

Metal-X Milled Versa 7 

Looks  (8.5 out of 10)

Any traditional-type player will not be impressed by the look of this new Odyssey putter. This mallet putter head with the stabilizing bars, resemble prongs out the back of the putter head and can cause for a bit of distraction.

The black and white colors and stabilizing bars on the back of the putter head are there for a reason. What this putter gains in technology and control will outweigh its possible uncomfortable look. Trust me, there are many putters that look better, but there are few that will perform better.

Metal-X Milled Versa 7

Performance  (9.5 out of 10)

After analyzing and testing all of the new putters in the industry today, the Odyssey Metal X Milled Versa 7 Putter outperformed most.

When you integrate the Versa technology, Metal X roll, stabilizing bars and the ability to adjust the head weight, two words came to mind: confidence and control.

This putter has every bit of technology out there today. The feel of the putter was very dense and solid while the roll of the golf ball was very tight to the ground. Also, distance control from putts 30 feet and longer was what stood out to me. It relieved some pressure knowing that if I slightly miss-hit a putt, my distance control would not be compromised too much.

I could tell the confidence and control I had was growing substantially as I used the Odyssey Metal X Milled Versa 7 Putter. This direct feedback is the first thing I look for in a putter that would be successful for me.

 Metal-X Milled Versa 7

Final Thoughts  (Overall: 9.2 out of 10)

This putter that Odyssey has released may not be the best looking thing on the planet. What I will tell you is that if you give it a try, you will warm up to it because of the consistency and confidence you will gain from it.

Like I said before, the technology and performance will outweigh the look. If you want to give every putt a chance to go in consistently, the Odyssey Metal X Milled Versa 7 Putter is one to consider.

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