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Off-season Golf Equipment Prep

Off-season Golf Equipment Prep

Off-season Golf Equipment Prep

A new golf year: Questions & Answers

Use the off-season to make sure that your current equipment is not going to hold back your progress (and fun) once the golf courses open in the spring.

Consider the following questions and answers and decide if you need to make a visit to your favorite clubfitter at 2nd Swing.

PGA player Bronson La'Cassie visits pro clubfitters at places like 2nd Swing Golf as the golf season begins. Why wouldn't you, too?

PGA player Bronson La’Cassie visits pro clubfitters at places like 2nd Swing Golf as the golf season begins. Why wouldn’t you, too?

Q: Which would you rather have, a perfect swing with ill-fitted clubs? Or do you want perfectly fitted clubs that can mask or “hide” errors in your swing?

A: Let’s face it, since a perfect swing or perfectly fitted clubs are not humanly possible, neither option will give you the optimal golf experience on a consistent basis.
Every player needs to discover the best combination for them and should use the off-season to create a “team” to help them accomplish the goals he or she has laid out, including utilizing a PGA Professional instructor as well as a seasoned clubfitter.

Q: Should I switch out to graphite and other new high-tech shafts?

A: Using the latest technology is great — if it does not replace your need and desire to improve your understanding of your swing. And relying on technology cannot cloud your efforts needed to sustain swing improvement.

In other words, if high-tech equipment causes you to become complacent, you will never discover your potential. Working hard on your golf techniques AND making use of today’s technology using a fun. But it’s just as important also to maintain a  never-ending search mindset.

Q: But can’t technology today “fix” my swing?

A: No. If your golf-belief system is based on quick tips or myths — or if your swing has poor timing, club positions or incorrect impact placements — technology and the shaft cannot fix that for you. Sure, your game may look better better in the short-term. However, combining optimal, professionally selected equipment with trusted, well-honed golfing techniques is the only true answer.

Q: Is it okay for me just to email my physical dimensions to a professional clubfitter to get properly fitted equipment with no in-person follow-through?

A: No. I am firmly against this idea. If you are tall or short, thin or heavy, have long or short arms, are young or old, club fitting MUST be done dynamically. That means getting your fitting done in motion and in person. Static dimensions are very helpful, but they only give your professional clubfitter a general idea about the exact kind of equipment you need.




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