Ping’s first adjustable driver, the Anser Driver, made its PGA Tour debut last week at the John Deere Classic. Thus far, Ping has not released an adjustable driver, focusing more on their fitting and custom-to-order process. A few years behind much of the golf market, Ping will be answering back to this golf trend of late in mid-to-late August with the Anser’s release.

The Ping Anser Driver features a 460cc Titanium head and an adjustable hosel, which allows for up to .5-degrees of loft-adjustability in either direction from the neutral position. This will make it possible for players to optimize their distance and carry by adjusting the loft to fit their swing tendencies; another advantage to this feature is that you can change your driver settings over time, as your swing developes.

The Anser Driver also features a matte blakc finish that cuts down on glare, much like Ping’s i20 series metals and hybrids, giving the golf market a much-needed alternative to the matte white finishes dominating currently.

THE TABLE BELOW lists all the club models, lofts and shaft options that will be available at 2nd Swing in the Ping Anser Series Metals this August



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    John Jansen

    Can you adjust only loft or also change from neutral to closed or open face.

    • 2nd Swing

      Dear John,

      We had our Ping Rep, Paul, stop by our Mpls store today with the new Anser product line.

      Consequently, some of the information about the Ping Anser Driver’s adjustability that was released early last month was incorrect:

      The Ping Anser Driver does NOT have OPEN/CLOSE face adjustability.

      You can adjust the driver .5-degrees plus or minus loft. And, there is actually a fourth setting on the hosel, which keeps the loft the same, but moves the lie angle to a degree Flat.

      Thanks for replies John!


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