G20 Driver.

This last weekend I managed to get myself out on ParkView Golf Club for a fantastic round of holiday golf. Besides taking pictures I managed to take out a fine piece of American craftsmanship, the Ping G20 Driver. Compared to the Rocketballz and R11s; this driver gave me a better feel for consistently longer drives. Now don’t let me deny the howitzer power of the Taylormade line but the G20 has a special lull that sends the ball out with a certain ease.


At times I can say that I overstate my driving abilities. However for the seven times I was able to pull the club out of the bag I felt the compression of the striking power immediately and throughout the round.  The G20 has external weighting on it’s deep and wide face, and as for the feel I can attest that every ball I swung towards at least felt like a sweet spot. I could have used a lower loft than a 10.5. My ball played high and came down with little roll, which is exactly what you need if you have any issues getting the ball in the air. The shaft that I used was the stock stiff TFC 169 D and this shaft stuck with me and gave me a good feel of confidence of ball control.


Compared to the i20 I felt a slight lack of explosion when the ball is struck square at impact. As to where I would have toed the ball, I instead with the G20 played a fade out to the left rough definitely saving me from a recovery shot. There was, in my opinion, a better feel of compression and ultimately more distance with the G20 compared to the G15. Making this club superior. Ping continues to impress and build clubs as strong as their reputation.



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David Robert Buyck is 23 and from Blaine, Minn. He and has been playing golf for 19 of his years. Buyck is 2nd Swing Golf's lead photographer and shows a keen eye and interest in the sport and its products.

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