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PING G30 Driver Review

PING G30 Driver Review

PING G30 Driver Review: $349.99

PING G30 Driver

Order a PING G30 Driver and G30 SF TEC Driver today from 2nd Swing here.


I don’t know how PING keeps doing it, but they do. The PING G30 Driver is longest and straightest driver I have ever hit.




PING G30 Driver

Technology (10 out of 10 rating)

The PING G30 Driver has taken the innovation of drivers to a whole new level. With the introduction of its “Turbulators” on the crown, the G30 driver will now enable any player to gain a few more mph of swing speed.

The Turbulators on the driver make the driver more aerodynamic. When the driver is swung, air will now pass over the crown more efficiently to reduce drag. These Turbulators look like the talons from a bird.

What a brilliant design to increase swing speed for any player. I mean, who doesn’t want to hit the ball farther while maintaining control?

Another huge addition for the PING G30 Driver are the extra loft settings over the 2013 PING G25 Driver. The PING G30 Driver can be adjusted in loft up to 1 degree in each direction now. It now has four different loft settings in +/- .6 and +/- 1 degree. This just adds the ability to get a more precise fit for this driver.

Check out this new video from PING on the G30 Driver and its advancements:

And here are the specs and new features as laid out by PING:

G30 Driver

PING G30 Driver

Looks (10 out of 10 rating)

Other than the Turbulators being so visibly obvious, the PING G30 Driver keeps that same sexy, sleek look of the G25.

The biggest change is the new deep blue colored shaft paired with the sleek matte finish on the driver head. One really cool advantage to the Turbulators that most players will find is that they are positioned to bring attention to the center of the clubface. Whether intentional or not, aligning the golf ball in the sweet spot is easy because of the turbulators. The look of the driver will pop to most golf enthusiasts.

PING G30 Driver

Performance (10 out of 10 rating) 

Never have I questioned the overall performance of a PING G25 Driver. I have always felt that last year’s G25 Driver was the most consistent and predictable driver ever. However, the new PING G30 has improved on that for sure.

By introducing the turbulators, G30 is now the most forgiving driver in the world while threatening to be the longest driver in the world.

The PING G30 Driver spins about 100 rpm less than G25, and I was able to gain 2 to 3 mph more swing speed on our Trackman swing-recording system. This combination will only result in possibly the longest and most consistent driver ever created.

Final Thoughts (Overall: 10 out of 10 rating)

The Turbulators make this driver look and perform at the highest of levels. I can’t wait to get this driver in my bag!



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