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PING G30 Irons Review

PING G30 Irons Review

PING G30 Irons Review: $99.99 each or $699.99 for an seven-piece set

PING G30 Irons

Our reviewer is impressed with PING’s 2014 G30 Irons and how they stack up against the brand’s excellent predecessor, the G25 Irons.



PING G30 Irons

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It’s that time in the year for PING to make an update to the G Series — and it will take a lot to improve on one of the most complete lines of clubs made to date in the PING G25 model.

This review is solely on the irons. And as a clubfitter, the 2014 PING G25 Irons were as good as it gets. Forgiving, improved cosmetics and great distance for any golfer looking for a little bit of help. 

After having a quick go-round with the PING G30 Irons, I am once again impressed with PING’s ability to make subtle changes that actually make a difference in performance.

Check out this new video from PING laying out the new technology and design in its G30 Irons:

PING G30 Irons


Technology (9 out of 10 rating)

PING has figured this out. For my money, there is no other oversized cast club that feels as soft as the PING G30 Irons. Coming from a guy who plays forged clubs, PING does a great job with its custom tuning ports (CTPs) and elastomer inserts for the cavity back — for increased softness, perimeter weighting and sound dampening — to make the touch great.

Here are the PING G30 Irons set specs and features:

G30 Irons specs

PING G30 Irons

Looks (7 out of 10 rating)

G30 irons look pretty good for a larger clubhead. The G30 is slightly longer from heel to toe which helps frame the ball quite well. The soles have been slightly altered as will and are a little more chambered and smaller than the G25. Topline to my eye was a touch thicker but not too noticeable.

PING G30 Irons

Performance (10 out of 10 rating)

I had the opportunity to hit a few G25 and the new PING G30s on the TrackMan golf simulator and see what differences we had. Here are my multiple shot numbers (averaged) for the G25 and G30 irons, respectively:

PING G25  

  • Club Speed  79 mph
  • Ball Speed — 113 mph
  • Launch — 15.7 degrees
  • Spin — 5,100 rpm
  • Carry — 155 yards
  • Total Ball Travel — 170 yards


  • Club Speed — 78 mph.
  • Ball Speed: 116 mph.
  • Launch — 17.3 degrees.
  • Spin Rate — 6,200 rpm.
  • Carry — 162 yards.
  • Total Ball Travel — 168 yards.

As you can see, I am a low hitter of the golf ball. I was surprised to see that the ball speed jumped so much between the G30 and G25. With the extra speed and improved launch angle, my carry distance was 7 yards longer. Needless to say, I was quite impressed.

Final Thoughts (Overall: 9 out of 10 rating)

Looks like PING has done its job again with the improvements of the G30. It will be exciting to get them into some people’s hands and see the advancement in their play.

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