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PING K15 Driver Review

PING K15 Driver Review

PING K15 Driver Review: $178.99

Buy an Editor's Choice PING K15 Driver HERE today from 2nd Swing Golf.

Buy an Editor’s Choice PING K15 Driver HERE today from 2nd Swing Golf.

*Editor’s Choice: Taking another look at a notable golf club, the PING K15 Driver.


Released in the fall of 2010, the PING K15 Driver quickly became known as one of the friendliest drivers on the market.

Players of all ability levels benefited from the forgiveness of the entire K15 lineup.



In my opinion, the PING K15 Driver is probably the easiest and straightest driver PING ever created.


Technology (8 out of 10)

PING utilized its Straight Flight Technology (ST Tec) to position 10 percent of the clubhead mass toward the club’s heel, which helps square the clubface at impact.

The oversized 460cc clubhead was built with a longer clubface from heel to toe to create a consistent ball speed across the entire hitting surface. The design of the K15 optimizes the center of gravity (CG) that generates a high launch and low spin (which is pretty much standard practice for most major golf club manufacturers today but was revolutionary just several years ago).

PING did a great job designing the K15, and its technology rates well.

The specs for the still-popular and productive PING K15 Driver. Maybe, once again, the premier Arizona-based clubmaker did something right, no? Something's in those numbers.

The specs for the still-popular and productive PING K15 Driver. Maybe, once again, the premier Arizona-based clubmaker did something right, no? Something’s in those numbers.


Looks (8 out of 10)

PING designed the K15 with a shallow face and elongated crown. The color combination features a black crown, silver clubface and silver and red sole. The white crescent moon is used as an alignment aid at address.

In comparison to other PING drivers, the shallow face stands out. The PING K15 appears basic and very easy to hit and rates high. However, better players might prefer the more traditional shape. But it’s worth mentioning that the shallow-face design really helps promote the consistency and high launch of the PING K15 Driver.

Performance (10 out of 10)

I tested the PING K15 9.5-degree driver with a stiff TFC149 stock shaft. The PING K15 Driver has a nice feel with a D3 swingweight. The PING K15 is designed to produce a high-launch angle and ball flight. My results yielded a high trajectory with minimal roll. However, a different shaft might provide a more desirable ball flight for my swing.

If your goal is to work the ball, the K15 is not for you. It produces a very straight and accurate ball flight.

In fact, the shallow face and large sweet spot promotes high and straight shots. As a low-handicap player, I might have experienced a slight loss in distance due to the high launch and ball flight. However, a high-handicap player with inconsistent ball flight might increase distance through improved accuracy.

As one of the easiest drivers to hit straight, the PING K15 easily ranks perfectly in performance. The club executes exactly as advertised.


Final Thoughts (Overall: 10 out of 10)

The PING K15 Driver could be classified as a game improvement club, yet even low-handicap players will benefit from its forgiveness.

The PING K15 Driver just feels automatic and easy to hit.

Originally priced at $299 in 2010, the PING K15 Driver is a bargain at both today’s new and used prices. After witnessing the results and how many players have benefitted from PING K15 Driver, I support the club 100 percent. In fact, I have personally fit many of my students into the PING K15!

It’s easily one of the most forgiving drivers I have ever hit and with its overall value, I’d overlook its tech and appearance to give the PING K15 Driver a perfect 10.

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