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PING Rapture V2 Driver Review

PING Rapture V2 Driver Review

PING Rapture V2 Driver Review: $129.99 on average

Order a PING Rapture V2 Driver today from 2nd Swing for a fraction of its initial retail price.

Order a PING Rapture V2 Driver today from 2nd Swing for a fraction of its initial retail price.

*Editor’s Choice (Every so often at 2nd Swing we like to take a look back and re-evaluate some of the most popular, interesting and enduring golf clubs in modern history.)

In 2009, PING released the sequel to its hot-selling Rapture driver with the Rapture V2. At the time, it was at the forefront of its competitors in terms of technology and, unfortunately, price. Retailing at $500 brand new, the PING Rapture V2 packed the punch advanced golfers wanted but it might have been a little out of their wallets’ reach. 

Fast forward five years later and PING’s sequel to one of their most popular clubs is now more-than affordable, going for $130 in average condition on 2nd Swing. PING released the Rapture V2 in hopes of bringing lower-handicappers a stabilizing driver that gave them low-spin, mid-launch driver with just enough forgiveness to hit all the fairways they could, all while still putting it out there a long ways.

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Looks (9 out of 10)

While keeping the iconic pear-shape of their old drivers like the PING G10 at 460cc, PING also equipped the Rapture V2 with two tungsten weights on the backend to reduce spin. Also, the titanium face of the driver was milled, which helps forgive those misses off of the toe and heel a bit. 

Aside from all the tech-talk, the Rapture V2 just looks cool. It’s simple in its design, but the lime green supplement to black and chrome is exactly all it needs to pop in the bag. However, while the small green decal on the crown is helpful in lining up square, but definitely not enough to be overly distracted. 

ping rapture v2

Technology (8 out of 10) 

When it comes to sound and feel, the first thing I noticed was how easy the ball jumps off the clubface. PING wasn’t kidding when they sought to design a club that reduced spin – a player searching for excellent driving accuracy’s nemesis. When hit in the center of the face, it’s very easy to get this ball airborne, which is why I would rate it more of a mid-to-high launch, and that’s even with the 9-degree. The Rapture V2 also comes in 10.5-, 12-, 13.5-degree lofts.

rapture v2


Performance (9 out of 10)

Controlling the ball with this club was fairly easy but it wouldn’t be right for a player of any level. There is forgiveness, but it’s probably not enough to fix any old swing. But the distance and feel is why this club should still be on anyone’s radar when looking at used drivers. I gained about 15 yards in the air on average with the Rapture V2 and finally get some rollout on the bounce with the reduced spin off the clubface.

rapture v2

Final Thoughts: Overall (9.5 out of 10)

To maximize the Rapture V2, you have to have some real clubhead speed behind your swing; otherwise you’re not going to see this club’s technology in action. After all, it was built for the better player five years ago. But if you’re on a budget and looking for a bargain, it’s hard to argue with a club that’s less than five years old and has reduced in price by over 380 percent from retail value.

That’s why this club is in my bag and will remain there until the paint scuffs out and the face runs on empty. But for now, the PING Rapture V2 is still revving its engine and giving me the most bang for my buck over any club in my entire bag.

rapture v2

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