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Post- U.S. Open Thoughts

Post- U.S. Open Thoughts

Once again, the Olympic Club in San Francisco (actually Daly City, no relation to John) held great drama and another unexpected winner. Even though Webb Simpson has proven to be a winner on the PGA Tour, his recent play before the US Open would indicate that he was not ready for the meat grinder of 72 holes played under the toughest conditions Mike Davis (the USGA Executive Director and THE guy who sets up each US Open) can dream up.

Seriously, did anyone see Webb making the move with a 68-68 weekend finish? I bet not. We were waiting for Tiger to keep using his “Plan” to effect. Or Jim Furyk and Graeme McDowell grind out a couple of 70-70 even par rounds to win with a -1 total. I kept waiting for Jason Dufner to bore the course to death and the course would relent…but a balky putter over the weekend relegated him to a tied for 4th. Tiger? Yikes. I’ve said it to close friends and I’ll say it to the readers: Tiger should make up with Butch, go back to the ¾ back swing, stay in control of his swing now that he’s older, and spend more time from 100 yards and in. How often this past weekend was Tiger unable to get up and down when having to punch out or take his medicine for errant drives? Now think back to when he was automatic from 140 and in….I’m just sayin’.

And you have to wonder what was going through Furyk’s head when he hit that snap hook on 16. Holy smokes, it looked like me teeing off at Brookview last month during match play. His head wasn’t the same the last two holes as evidenced by his finish. McDowell put up a fight with a great birdie on 17 to close within a shot, but the 18th hole was not handing out too many birdies the last day. How tough was that pin position?

So, for the ninth time in a row we have a 1st time major winner. Americans have captured the first two majors (Anyone want to take odds on Bubba and his game never winning a US Open?) and the British is at Royal Lytham this year (David Duval’s lone major win in 2001 and Minnesota’s Tom Lehman in 1996 ) while the PGA will be held at Kiwah Island (first time). Any early favorites

Random thoughts:

I am in the group of viewers who believes that Chris Berman should no longer be allowed on the grounds of any future PGA tournament to do any kind of announcing. Charity events, ok. But c’mon ESPN, really? Mike Tirico does a fantastic job. We already have the resident humorist in David Feherty all over Golf Channel and NBC. Boomer should go back to his NFL chair and wait for a few more weeks. He’ll be plenty busy.

Is it just me or did NBC once again blow it covering the final two days? We did not hear much at all how Simpson was slowly moving up the leaderboard, until late Sunday and then he was the last man standing. Seriously, can anyone tell me how much air time was devoted to Webb’s play? I don’t need to see the last group and Tiger play every shot. I want to see how the other players are doing. I wanted to watch more Ernie Els, Dufner, Harrington making his move…but we sure saw a lot of….Beau…

OK, ok….Beau Hossler was a GREAT story. 17-year old leading the US Open after 28 holes. Still in contention on the final day. And let’s face it; he has a totally hot mom. Is she single? Dating? Let’s go TMZ….some of us want to know. But I started to experience Over-Beau exposure….not to belabor the point, but Beau was playing with Dufner and I had a vested interest in knowing how he was doing.

My own personal Beau story: Beau goes to Santa Margarita High School. It’s a Catholic Prep school that churns out students and athletes. I have a close friend from high school and college who has a nephew attending Santa Margarita playing football (6’5” and 330 lbs….think maybe he’ll be playing Saturdays and Sundays in the next five years?). The nephew and his father were looking at schools in the San Francisco area and texted Beau about how well he was playing. Beau texted back that he had extra tickets. So they went to watch the final round of the US Open…How cool is that?

And finally, I watched the Saturday round at a house in Independence, MN with a former presidential candidate. I was a date attending a reception at a large house WAY out west. Upon arriving I found a group of guys gathered around a 19” TV in the kitchen. Let the golf bonding begin. As I am telling the Beau story I am introduced to Newt Gingrich and his wife. We ended up talking about equipment, where to play in MN, and that if they ever need equipment locally, they should visit 2nd Swing in person or visit the web-site. Very nice folks outside of the political arena.
So there you have it.

What are your US Open thoughts?




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