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Preview: PING i25 Irons

Preview: PING i25 Irons


Has any company had a more successful 2013 than PING?  With the launch of the PING G25’s, the Scottsdale TR Putters and success on the PGA Tour (four wins, so far), PING has generated a lot of buzz in the golf industry this season.  With the rumored launch of the S55 this fall the excitement continues to grow for PING.  While the S55 is on the horizon and exciting, its Tour-level performance only fits the game of a small percentage of golfers, so in order for PING to capitalize on the momentum it has right now it will need to launch a product that appeals to the mass of golfers soon.  That is where the PING i25 irons come in.  With the success on Tour of the i20 — found in the bags of PING pros like Lee Westwood and Mark Wilson, along with many golfers who shop at 2nd Swing — the irons have been shown to fit many different players and their playing capabilities.  

i25 irons

With the recently release patent drawings of the i25 iron set it looks like PING knows it has a great thing in the i-series and wants to continue to improve upon a fantastic lineup.  We can see that the tungsten weight is in the toe to offer enhanced forgiveness for the low-to-mid handicap player; we can also see that the club has a minimal amount of offset and thin top line to appeal to the traditionalist as well as some of the best players in the world who are on staff with PING.  It also looks two key elements of the i-series have been improved to meet the needs of demanding golfers who consistently want more out of their clubs: the stabilizing bar, which offers the golfer better distance control and solid feel when making impact; and the custom tuning port, which allows PING to optimize launch conditions for each iron.  This means higher launch in the long irons and lower and more controlled ball flight in the scoring irons.

ping i25 irons

What will be interesting to see that the patent drawings do not provide is what will the shaft options be in the clubs.  Are they making a new grip that will be available as the ID-8 360 has been out for a year now?  My hope is that Ping continues to utilze the CFS shaft while also allowing for a secondary option (KBS Tour, Dynamic Gold) at no additional up-charge.

As always with PING, custom fitting is the key element to ensuring that you find the proper set for your game.  2nd Swing was awarded the 2012 Ping Regional Fitter of the year award along with being recognized by Golf Digest as a Top 100 Fitter in the Country.  With both 2nd Swing locations as certified Ping nFlight Fitting and Performance Centers you will want to make sure to schedule your fitting for the PING i25 Irons at 2nd Swing Golf.

ping i25 release
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  • Wayne Collins on September 8, 2013

    Is there any buzz on the release date of the Ping i25 irons?

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