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Preview: PING S55 Irons

Preview: PING S55 Irons

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Could this be the new PING S55? Time will only tell, but let the speculation begin. Lower handicap players tended to steer away from PING in years past, prior to the S Series, because of PING’s lack of a blade-looking iron, but the launch of the S59 changed that (Bubba Watson still plays the S59 Tour) and many of the better players in the world moved to PING.

ping s55 iron set

The most recent S Series iron set, the S56 line, has performed exceptionally well since its launch in 2010; it certainly helped when Louis Oosthuizen used them to win the 2010 British Open. The S56 has been a favorite of PING staffers on all major tours across the world, along with many amateur golfers who prefer the look of a traditional clubhead.

ping s series irons

This is why the S55 is such a highly anticipated launch for PING: with its product life cycles typically running at two years, many thought the S55 would be launched in 2012 to keep in that trend. That deadline came and went, and the reluctance to introduce a new S Series iron may be attributed to the fact the S56 has continued to sell well. Another possibility – and what I’m hoping is true – could be that PING knows it has a winner on its hands and really wants to make a splash with the S55.

2013 ping s55

In looking at the patent photos you see many of the PING S Series staples:

  • Tungsten weight in the toe, which provides high trajectory in the long irons and, when placed deeper in the scoring irons, provides a penetrating ball flight
  • Stabilizing bar, which allows for a more controlled ball flight from long to short irons
  • Thin sole and topline for traditional look at address

Things that we don’t know just yet, but are likely to find out soon include finish and shaft options. For the finish, I’m hoping PING sticks with the Satin Chrome look of the S56 and S57 irons. PING has created a darker, more modern finish for the 2013 Gorge wedges and G25 iron sets, which, don’t get me wrong, is very nice, but to my eye the Satin Chrome is a better look for a traditional set of clubs.

ping irons new

For shafts, it would be great to see PING continue to offer the hottest shafts on the market as stock options; the buzz in the industry is now on the KBS C-Taper shafts which have a really appealing look and even smoother feel. The good news for all of us is that through PING’s custom department, PING WRX, all the major shafts and grips are available, so no one should be left unhappy.

I know there are many PING fans (including myself) that are very excited for what PING has in store for the S55 irons. Seeing these patent drawings gets me more and more excited for the release.

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