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Putting Drills Made Easy to Save Strokes

Putting Drills Made Easy to Save Strokes

Putting Drills Made Easy to Save Strokes

Improve your short game with a pro from 2nd Swing Golf with the “chalkline” and “yardstick”

As we all know, teeing it high and letting it fly is what we all love to do more than anything.

Who can honestly say that they love to practice their putting more than hitting drivers on a driving range? What golfers need to know is that the driver may be the sexy club to hit but needs to take a back seat in everyone’s practice habits.

Putting accounts for roughly 40 percent of a golfer’s total strokes per round. This is where we all need to focus our time and energy if we want see those strokes disappear.

Here are some great practice habits and routines that will make your putting improve.


Every session on the practice green needs to start with a maintenance drill. Just 10 to 15 minutes will allow you to stay on top of your stroke and maintain great technique. This will also allow you to work on the technique of your stroke while not being focused on the result.

I always recommend working on your technique while not putting to a hole. Simplify your mind, and stay focused on the task at hand. Here are a couple of drills that are simple and do not require an expensive putting aid:

Easy Putting Drills to Save Strokes

Easy Putting Drills to Save Strokes


This is my favorite drill because it is inexpensive and can be practiced anywhere. Like I have always said, a golfer can practice putting anywhere, anytime.

Take a yardstick, and place the golf ball at one end and putt the ball down the entirety of the yardstick. If the ball rolls down completely without rolling off the side of the yardstick, this will indicate a perfectly struck putt that is rolling down the intended line.

If the ball rolls off either side of the yardstick, it will indicate that the putt was pulled or pushed. Any drill with direct feedback is vital to improving your putting.

Easy Putting Drills to Save Strokes

Easy Putting Drills to Save Strokes

Chalk Line

Another drill that I love is putting with a chalk line or string line.

The main focus here is to find a perfectly straight putt only about 5 feet from a hole. Alignment is the number one goal here. Making sure your putter is lined up in the middle of the hole and you knowing what your perception is is vital to being a great putter.

Most golfers do not aim the putter correctly. The chalk line or string line will allow any golfer to improve this aspect. Get that chalk line or string line out and begin to reduce those putts.

If you can’t aim, you can’t putt.

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