A TaylorMade sales rep was in-store at the Minneapolis 2nd Swing today and he was extremely excited about the company’s new offerings coming out Feb. 3. In addition to the next generation of R11, the R11-S, clubs from the highly anticipated RocketBallZ line were also on display. In 2012, TaylorMade aims to capitalize on record sales numbers from last year, and it’s doing so with remarkable improvements in distance and launch speed.

As the name suggests, the R11-S incorporates previous R-Series technology – a wise move considering the huge popularity of the R11 among golfers of all skill levels – while adding more than enough value to make last year’s customers pull the trigger on an upgrade. If you played the R11 driver, you’ll notice a substantial bump in distance, as well as lower spin, off the tee.

Now on to RocketBallZ, the new incarnation of the iconic TaylorMade Burner. While the name seems light-hearted (and a tad goofy), RocketBallZ golf clubs pack some serious punch. While the driver is shorter – and thus, hopefully, more accurate – than the Burner 2.0, it’s still longer off the tee and offers adjustable loft angles, unprecedented at its $299 price point.

The improvements in RocketBallZ fairway woods and hybrids are even more dramatic. The new, unsupported face technology provides a launching pad for balls that has resulted in impact speeds matching those of a driver, something which has never been achieved in previous models. What does this mean for your distance? In a trial run, the fairway woods were bombing balls more than 20 yards beyond advanced players’ regular, custom-fit clubs, while the hybrids saw a 15-yard improvement.

TaylorMade iron sets, wedges, putters and balls have also been updated, and it’s looking like another exciting year to be playing new TaylorMade clubs. If you’re in the Twin Cities area, come experience the new Taylormade club fitting studio at 2nd Swing’s Minneapolis store, and get your new set custom fit to your swing!

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