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Review: Adams IDEA Super LS Hybrids

Review: Adams IDEA Super LS Hybrids

Long irons have always been a necessary evil in the golf bag. Hard to hit well, finicky control, and difficulty with less than perfect lies come quickly to mind when I think of my performance with the 3 or 4 iron. Difficult or not, I have generally stuck with the long irons for the distance I can get out of them, mainly to occupy the distance gap between my 5 wood and my 5 iron. I have never ventured into the world of hybrids, probably to the detriment of my handicap, and continued to curse my 3 iron. I had hit a few hybrids occasionally, but didn’t find an “AHA!” moment with any of them….I come to you today as a changed man, golf hat in hand, willing to admit that I was wrong to neglect this area of golf club technology. All it took was a bucket and a round with the 2013 Adams Idea Super LS hybrids.

The “AHA!” moment for me started at the driving range. Having done a little research, the hybrids require a little flatter swing to work at the optimum, more akin to the fairway woods than the irons they replace. For swing feel, I just thought “3 wood” and the Super LS responded with long, penetrating shots that were easy to keep on line. A little steeper angle of attack with the swing, while not delivering any more distance, still resulted in satisfactory shots.

adams super ls crown

Look & Feel

These Adams hybrids have a somewhat understated look, matte white with light grey highlights. The matte finish is easy on the eyes and is not distracting with any kind of glare. Simple loft markings on the head of the club right below the hosel identify the different clubs. The Super LS hybrids are available in 15, 17, 19, 22, 25, and 28 degree lofts. Paired with a choice of flex (Regular, Stiff, or X-Stiff) in the Mitsubishi Kuro Kage 80-gram shaft and the stock Adams Tour Elite grips, the clubs have a quality look, even if understated. Impact was always solid and translated feedback up the shaft without sounding tinny, or with any hint of vibration. The stock grips provided a good hook-up with the hands with no slippage.

Distance & Accuracy

 The “AHA” moment on the range soon morphed into “HOLY $#%*”. Hitting the 22-degree Super LS bested my normal 21-degree 3 iron in distance by a good 20 yards, and the 17-degree was not far from 3 wood distance AND easier to hit than either club, all that was required was smooth contact. Out on the course was even better, as this club was as good out of the rough as it was out of the fairway, easily getting the ball up and out of fairly deep grass.

adams super ls face

Forgiveness & Control

One other notable characteristic of the Super LS hybrids was the ability to shape shots predictably, which is something I have always struggled with in the long irons. Launch trajectory was a little higher than the long irons for me, but I counted that as a positive as higher trajectory generally translates into a softer landing. The Super LS was by far more forgiving on miss-hits than my long irons, and was more controllable out of questionable lies. Being a middle-aged and middle-handicap golfer, I found the Super LS to be easy to hit without feeling like I had to swing harder.

Overall Impression

For me, the most telling thing about this club was the confidence it inspired when faced with a 200+ yard shot to a bunkered green or tight fairway. I had no trepidation at all in bypassing the 3 iron and grabbing the 22-degree hybrid instead. Like I said…I am a changed man. If you are in the market for a well-made and well-performing hybrid, It would be time well spent to check out the Adams Golf Idea Super LS hybrids. 

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