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Review: Bettinardi BB37 Putter

Review: Bettinardi BB37 Putter

Another year and another one of Bob’s Beauties! I am impressed by Bob Bettinardi’s ability to create a new line of putters every year. It would seem there are only so many designs and finishes for a putter while keeping a classic look and style. But in 2013 the new BB Series is as good as any of his putter lines. The misted silver tones with blue and red paint fill look amazing. Add to that the new hybrid head shapes, and Bob Bettinardi has another winner on his hands. The Bettinardi BB37 is a gorgeous putter that blends together old design and new design for a hybrid beauty.

BB37 sole


What’s not to like about Bettinardi putters? Year after year they have some of the best looks of any putters on the market. Every time I pulled one out of the bag on the course it got “oohs” and “aahs” about how great it looked. Then, after using it for a number of holes, I got the regular comment, “Hey, can I give it a roll?” I’ve used many Bettinardi putters over the last couple years and I always seem to enjoy how great they look. It is actually difficult to pick out my favorite.  They all look great and produce great results.


Bettinardi putters just sound pure and offer the perfect feel of crisp yet soft. The honeycomb milling on the face is slightly different for 2013. It used to be 4 or 5 rows of smaller honeycomb milling, but for this year Bettinardi has been able to cut that down to 2 rows yet still maintain a perfectly flat face. Bettinardi uses carbon steel for the putter head which offers the softest feel in a metal putter.

BB37 face


This putter actually offers some forgiveness by design. There aren’t too many new head shapes out there that still look traditional; this one is probably one of my favorite blends of Anser and mallet into a hybrid sort of putter that doesn’t look strange. From the top looking down over the putter, it has a slightly stretched flange. It is also moon-shaped just a touch. All of this is to create a great look and feel with a little extra MOI for added forgiveness. The other new part of the head shape is the shorter face. It is designed to create a visual appearance of a taller ball thus subconsciously creating a middle of the ball strike. I found that it works on the new ’13 Bettinardi putters. I didn’t think about it while putting, but noticed after a number of rounds that I hadn’t stubbed one.

BB37 topline


Putting is mostly the user, but some putters do seem to be more accurate than others based on balance, alignment, and toe hang. I found the BB37 to be as accurate as any putter I have ever used. It lines up very easily with both the sightline and the half-moon cut out. The solid metal head allowed great distance control and the slant neck works really well for my arc stroke.

Final Thoughts

Buying a putter is more like an investment in your game than just getting another golf club; it is the one slot in your bag you probably don’t want to change out every season. Get in to the Bettinardi Studio B at 2nd Swing for your putter fitting and walk out with your new favorite flat stick from Bettinardi. I think mine just happens to be the Bettinardi BB37.

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