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Review: Callaway X Hot Pro Fairway Woods

Review: Callaway X Hot Pro Fairway Woods

For the past few seasons, the golf industry really has started to pay attention to fairway woods. Drivers have pretty much peaked as far as how much distance can be gained by technology alone. Adams and TaylorMade have released fairway woods that feature a slot behind the face which allows the clubface to flex and produce higher ball speeds, which then creates more distance. Callaway is joining the party this year with the X Hot and X Hot Pro fairway woods, but designed things a little differently.


Callaway introduces two new features in this fairway wood, and explains them thusly:

“Internal standing wave: This unique design feature lowers the CG by pushing the weight as close to the Forged Speed Frame Face Cup without actually touching it for increased distance from everywhere.

Forged Speed Frame Face Cup: We’ve fused our Forged Face Cup with our Speed Frame Face. This allows for increased ball speeds all across the face in a fairway wood that’s longer from everywhere.”


INSANE!! INSANE!! INSANE!! I purchased my X Hot Pro before I ever hit it, so upon it arrival I of course had to get on a launch monitor asap. The ball speeds I saw with my current driver (Callaway Razr Fit Extreme) and my new X Hot Pro 3-wood were within 10 mph of each other — very similar numbers. I think the only thing keeping the ball speed of the X Hot fairway wood lower than a driver is the shorter shaft and thus slower clubhead speed.


Very forgiving in my experience so far, will update in a month or so when this snow decides to leave us.


Launch and spin are overlooked in fairway woods. There are plenty of lofts available in the X Hot from a 13.5 degree strong 3-wood all the way up to an 11-wood.  Just be sure to get the loft that will create the most distance or the correct distance you are looking for.

X Hot Pro Woods


Clean. I like the matte gray crown, kind of an old school look. Sets up just a bit open, which I like as I tend to miss left.


As I say in every review, sound is preference. The X Hot has a very crisp sound. Similar to the sound the original Warbird made.


Solid. I have an upgraded shaft (Diamana Kai’li) in mine which probably attribute to the feel being very pleasing to me. Again feel is a player preference thing, but a club that performs are well has this one does will feel great automatically.

Final Thoughts

Great club. If you are searching for a new fairway wood this year, be sure to test this out. And if you decide to add it to the bag, just make sure you still hit your driver longer that your new X Hot Pro fairway wood.

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