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Review: Cobra AMP Cell Driver

Review: Cobra AMP Cell Driver

In a world of black and white drivers, the Cobra AMP Cell driver stands out with its color choices.  Personally, I thought the blue was the coolest.  But there is more to this driver than just paint.  The introduction of MyFly technology paired with SmartPad technology makes this driver loft adjustable.  It is like having 6 different drivers in one.  After a couple of adjustments my Blue Cobra AMP Cell driver became known as the “Blue Bomber”.


This is obviously a key selling point of this driver.  It comes in 4 different standard colors: Blue, Red, Orange, and Silver.  The head looks very nice at address.  The stock shaft has a nice splatter paint job, and the custom Motore Speeder 7.1 shaft I added matched the blue perfectly.  It is one of the coolest looking drivers for 2013.


The Cobra AMP Cell series retains much of the great feel from the original AMP line.  It has a muted semi-composite sound that just feels hot.


The MyFly Adjustable hosel allow you to set your driver from 8.5 loft to 11.5 by just a simple click of a wrench.  The SmartPad on the sole of the club allows it to sit square at address no matter what setting you are using.  I did think that the head launches slightly higher than stated loft at any setting, almost 1 full degree from on course and indoor testing.


The E9 face which has been used for Cobra’s last 6 drivers continues to be the most forgiving face of any driver.

Cobra AMP Cell Driver Face


This is called a “Blue Bomber” for a reason.  I had huge drives with it once I switched out shafts.  The stock Fujikura Fuel spun too much for me.  But with the change to the Fujikura Motore Speeder 7.1, the spin went down and the distance went up.


The combination of the adjustable hosel, the forgiving E9 face and the Fujikura shaft, I found this to be an amazingly accurate driver.


The stock Cobra AMP Cell driver off the shelf spun too much for me, but that problem was solved with a shaft change.  Another option would be to check out the Cobra AMP Cell Pro version of the driver; it has a different shaft and a lower spin head.

Cobra AMP Cell Driver Sole

Final Thoughts

The Cobra AMP Cell is a great new driver that allows you to pick a model that fits your needs: pick a color, adjust the loft, and bomb away.  Cobra is really working hard to make the game more fun.  The Cobra AMP Cell is certainly a fun driver to bomb down the fairway.

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  • Golf Review on March 26, 2013

    These drivers are very nice to play and are good in quality.

  • Fernand Duchesne on September 24, 2013

    I have loved this try out with this e9 smart pad left hand 8.5 ,I have a short swing I play around 86 senior age of 54…it gave me lot of ball speed ,I chose to try the 8.5 configuration because I needed lower trajectory and wow ,! Huge improvement , I have gain many more yardage + plus I got excellent accuracy with a regular pace swing speed of 89 mph with the fuel stock Fujikura shaft ..I would really be happy to win this one even pre owned ,,,grey is my favorite …old school guy…! The zl2 encore was also very nice a first glance but I haven’t tried this one..I desperately need to get this amp cell for the next season .
    thanks to Cobra.

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