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Review: Cobra AMP Cell Irons

Review: Cobra AMP Cell Irons

It’s March in Minnesota, and not yet hospitable golf weather, but spring is right around the corner. Spring is always the time to get out the clubs and get prepped for golf season to start. For you warmer climate folks who get to play all year round… you miss out on the joy of the first spring rounds after a long winter.

Irons are an integral part of a great set of clubs and can have a significant impact on a person’s game. We often spend years with the same irons, and the thought of getting used to a new set is enough to give any golfer reason to pause. That being said, manufacturing has come a long way in the last decade, and there is a wide variety of clubs on the market now that can improve the game for golfers of any handicap. Today we will be looking at the Cobra Amp Cell Irons.

Look & Feel

At first glance, the Cobra AMP Cell is a good-looking iron. Cobra has added several color options to the Amp Cell line by way of an aluminum and thermoplastic cavity badge that also serves to dampen vibration. Add this to the polished stainless steel body and you get a package that adds some bling to your bag. At address, the top line of the iron is minimal, and appears like a blade. The stock Lamkin grips provide a great interface between club and hand. When striking the ball, the club feels very solid, even on not-quite-square hits.

amp cell irons 2

Distance & Accuracy

Since it is still winter, testing out the Cobras involved a trip to Inside Edge Golf in Eden Prairie, MN for some simulator work. The simulators at Inside Edge are top notch, and give us Northern folk a winter release for our golf jones. Setting the simulator up on “Range” mode, I was able to give the clubs a good workout, and get some great feedback on distance, spin, ball speed…etc. The irons performed well, in spite of who was swinging them, and were consistently 10 to 15 percent longer than my current irons. Square hits were rewarded with straight shots, slightly off-center hits also tended to stay straight with a small loss of distance. Yardages were very consistent within similar swing speeds.

amp cell irons 3

Forgiveness & Control

As I stated earlier, even when hits were not perfectly square, the ball still tended to stay close to its intended line. I would say that these are a very forgiving club for the mid- to high-handicapper, with rewards for the better golfer in distance and accuracy. On the shorter Irons, it was easy to generate backspin while still maintaining good distance and trajectory. Working the ball is a bit more difficult than with a blade, but possible.

amp cell irons 4

Overall Impression

The bottom line for any club is how it performs when you step up to the ball, and I think the Amp Cell delivers in an attractive and well finished club. With features that will appeal to golfers of all skill levels, this would be a great set of irons in your bag. With the plethora of customization options Cobra provides, I would also suggest getting a club-fitting to ensure they’re set up just right for you.

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