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Review: Mizuno MP-T4 Wedge

Review: Mizuno MP-T4 Wedge

As a current player of Mizuno wedges, I’d heard some of the hype around the new Mizuno MP-T4 wedges and was intrigued; hearing that former World No. 1 Luke Donald had a role in the design process really piqued my curiosity. I headed to 2nd Swing’s Minneapolis location to try for myself the 56- and 60-degree MP-T4s, in a very appealing White Satin Chrome finish.


The 56-degree Mizuno MP-T4 wedge provided pretty average distance. I found that even when applying different spins and launch angles with this wedge, the distance remained very consistent. The 60-degree MP-T4 wedge really surprised me with its length. The ball really seems to explode off the face. This is the longest 60 degree wedge I have hit.

Mizuno Wedge Review


From full swings to pitch shots the MP-T4 wedges will give the control you need. I was able to get comfortable with them very quickly and start hitting some close groups. I’m a player that doesn’t like to work the ball very much with his wedges, but these clubs will let you work the ball very well if you want to.


Mizuno touts the Quad-Cut grooves on the MP-T4s as high-spin, but I found that the amount of spin I got depended on which loft I used. The spin on the 56-degree I would consider good. It has plenty of spin to stop a ball on the green, but if you are looking to spin it back a considerable distance this isn’t the wedge. I feel it should be classified as a medium spin wedge. But WOW, the 60-degree can spin. The most spin I have had in a long time. I am so impressed with the spin on this club that I think it might be adding it to my bag.

MP-T4 wedges


The launch angles for these wedges were pretty standard. The 60-degree did respond very favorably when I changed the launch angle. The distance and control really held up with the angle changes. The 56-degree responded to angle changes how I would expect most wedges to respond. They are still good mid-launch angle wedges.


Utilizing Mizuno’s patented Grain Flow Forged 1025E “Pure Select” mild carbon steel, both these wedges provide an exceptionally soft feel. The weight distribution in the heads is dead on, making a very comfortable feel during the swing. All of this I think will give any player confidence around the green when touch is a key factor.

Final Thoughts

As I’ve said, I currently play Mizuno wedges, and I can tell you the MP-T4 wedges are exceptional. The soft feel and the amazing control will benefit a player of any ability.  I can’t say enough about the 60-degree wedge though — WOW. You have to try this wedge. The distance is amazing; the amount of spin is crazy. If you want a lob wedge that is going to allow you to attack pins with confidence you have to own this Mizuno MP-T4 60-degree. I’m going to put it in my bag.

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