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Review: Nike VRS Covert Tour Driver

Review: Nike VRS Covert Tour Driver

Nike Golf is going big in 2013. It was the most aggressive company this winter, signing a number of PGA Tour pros and landing the most coveted one, Rory Mcilroy, currently the No. 2-ranked golfer in the world (just behind another Nike staffer you may have heard of). In addition to the new pros, Nike’s also got a brand new lineup of VRS Covert drivers, including the VRS Covert Tour driver. It has so many unique features all in one driver. Nike decided to go big this year and it looks like it is going to pay off.


It’s RED! You certainly won’t mistake this driver for any other driver on the market. While it is red, it is a very classy, elegant, glossy, metallic red with a white swoosh near the hosel. Nike has two versions, the Covert and the Covert Tour; they are the same color, but the Tour is much more compact, which gives it a very classic look at address. The underside of the driver is also radically different when it comes to looks – the first cavity-back driver. The Covert sole is silver, while the Covert Tour sole is black. I think the whole package just looks mean and ready for business.


Nike has made leaps and bounds in this category. Only a couple of seasons ago they made the worst-sounding drivers ever. The Covert sound is muted and pleasing to the ear. The cavity back did not hamper the sound in any way, and the head actually feels very hot at impact.


Nike’s all-in-one hosel is the best and easiest to use of any of the new drivers. The independent cogs on the tip of the shaft allow for a variety of loft settings, which do seem to be accurate. The directional settings are on a secondary cog, which also seem to manipulate the ball flight. I really liked that I could set a higher launch angle than normal, but yet the spin was still low.


The forgiving model is the Covert, but surprisingly the Covert Tour isn’t too difficult to hit. I used mine on a vacation in the Dominican Republic and even on some very tough courses I found the majority of fairways.


The Nike Covert Tour is as good as it gets. The very low spin head paired with a very solid stock shaft, the Mitsubishi Kuro Kage, really offers high launch and low spin.


I don’t like the idea of working my ball of the tee: that usually means I’ve lost control, but this driver can be tuned to your exact needs and is workable or straight hitting.


Right off the shelf this is a low-spin combo, which seems to be getting harder to find these days. I simply put a good amount of spin on the ball with my swing. This driver helped keep that in check. It is one of the lowest-spinning drivers of 2013. This also allowed me to play it at a higher loft without worrying about ballooning.

The Nike VRS Covert driver should be a big hit in 2013. It offers exceptional performance, an attractive package, great sound and is played by some of the best golfers in the world. It might not be long before we see Tiger playing this driver; he already has Covert 3-wood and 5-wood in his bag. The Nike Covert really is the only totally unique and new driver for 2013.

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