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Review: Nike VRS Covert Tour Fairway Woods

Review: Nike VRS Covert Tour Fairway Woods

Nike VRS Covert woods have been the topic of discussion because of their cavity-back design and red crown. While those are the talking points, the performance is what is getting these clubs into the bags of pros and amateurs. The Covert 3-wood was quickly put in Tiger Wood’s bag with great success in 2013. It is not –IER or Phranken anything, but it offers the best control of any of the new 3-woods.


Obviously it’s RED! If you liked the Covert driver, you are going to love the 3-wood. It is compact and fairly thin-looking at address so it sets up nice behind the ball on the tee, in the fairway or even from light rough. While it is red, it is a very classy, elegant, glossy, metallic red with a white swoosh near the hosel. Nike has two versions, the Covert and the Covert Tour. They are the same color, but not the same shape. The Tour is much more compact, which gives it a very classic look at address. Both models have a similar cavity back sole and the Tour has the fully adjustable hosel.

nike covert fw crown


The Covert Tour 3-wood feels really hot and explosive off the face. It has a muted, pinging metallic sound that is obvious when you hit the sweet spot, but not too bad when you hit it out on the edges. It is not a lightweight 3-wood so it feels solid behind the ball with great pop.


Nike’s all-in-one hosel is the best and easiest to use of any major manufacturer. In a 3-wood it really lets you dial in your exact needs from pure distance, to height, to precise control. The independent cogs on the tip of the shaft allow for a variety of loft settings which seem to be accurate. The directional settings are on a secondary cog, which manipulates the ball flight side to side. With loft settings of 13 to 17 degrees, I dialed mine in at 14 degrees to get just the distance I needed, yet the launch angle still high enough for carry.


The Covert Tour model is said to be the less forgiving model of the two, but because of the adjustability and the forgiving face, I think it is actually more forgiving than the performance model. It isn’t glued in one setting so you can get it set at what you need. The cavity back claims to improve MOI, which is hard to test, but it does seem to be forgiving.


The Nike Covert Tour 3-wood is long in the lowest launch setting, but that might not be ideal for soft conditions or when you want to hit it high. I think that this club is designed more around distance control than pure distance. It will keep up with the other “long” 3-woods at 13 degrees but is better suited to be played in a higher loft for better control.

nike covert fw tiger


This is one of the more accurate 3-woods you can buy because of the adjustable hosel. If you fight one side or the other you can adjust the head right, left or neutral. The adjustable loft also lets you keep your distance accuracy in check too.

Final Thoughts

Tiger is having great success with his Covert 3-wood for a reason. It is the easiest to control 3-wood in 2013. You can dial it in and get the results you need. The red color and cavity-back are the buzz points, but the control is what will keep it in your bag.

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