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Review: PING 2013 Anser Forged Irons

Review: PING 2013 Anser Forged Irons

This has been a season of experimentation, equipment-wise, for me, and I have had the opportunity to demo a variety of clubs from various manufacturers. In the past I have usually played cast irons, mainly for the cheaper cost, but after hitting a few forged irons, I am starting to think that I have been missing out on some of the benefits that modern forged irons can provide. This brings me to my subject for this article, the 2013 PING Anser Irons. The Anser is somewhat of departure for PING, being their first forged iron design in over 40 years. They have done well with this effort resulting in a great-looking and great-playing iron.

Look & Feel

The Anser irons, at first glance, are conventional-looking, unlike some earlier PINGs (remember the Eye 2?). The forged head has a tungsten sole and hollow-sole cavity for better launch and feel. The view standing over the club is very minimal, almost blade-like. Overall looks are good with a satin finish and understated markings. I have come to really like PING’s stock grip from some of the other demos I have done and the Anser lived up to that expectation. Impact with the Anser irons was smooth, with no jarring or vibration. Feedback through the grips was adequate.

ping anser forged irons topline

Distance & Accuracy

Distance was one area where I didn’t seem to find extra over my current irons, but I did find that the PINGs launched with a higher trajectory, giving softer landings with less roll out. This resulted in better green-holding ability for me. The ability to go for the pin with the confidence that the ball would hold the green makes a big difference in picking what club to hit for a particular distance. I found myself feeling better about picking the right distance instead of trying to leave it short of the green or running up to it.

Forgiveness & Control

Forgiveness is a quality that PING delivers through their entire line, and the Anser irons are no exception. I found them difficult to miss-hit, and when I did, the effects weren’t that damaging beyond some lost distance. Shot shaping suffers a bit from the large sweet spot. Another small sacrifice for the large sweet spot and high launch was difficulty in trying to hit a low punch shot when needed. On balance, the high launch and forgiveness are definitely strengths of these irons.

ping anser forged irons face

Overall Impression

The one thing that really got my attention on the Anser irons was the higher ball flight. It was confidence-inspiring to hit into a green knowing it would hold. The forgiveness in the clubs will aid mid- and high-handicappers, and the consistent ball trajectory will appeal to golfers of any level. With a long list of customization options available, the 2013 Ping Anser irons can be set up to match any golfers preference. 

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  • Lowell L. Hilbrands on September 28, 2013

    I saw you had some ping irons ansers orange which I fitted on the Ping Web sight. I live in Breezy Point, MN so I would like your feed back on these irons. Thanks for your immediate feed back. Lowell

  • 2nd Swing on September 30, 2013


    The Ansers are PING’s first forged irons in quite a while, so if you place a high priority on that forged feel, these might be the PING irons for you. In terms of playability, these fall somewhere between the G-series and i-Series, so if you’ve been playing the G-series and feel like you’re ready to take a step up the ladder, or if you’ve found the i-series a little unforgiving, these represent a good middle ground.

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