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Review: PING G25 Driver

Review: PING G25 Driver

I remember my first driver; I wish I could say I remember it fondly, but it was old, wooden, and for the life of me I couldn’t make it go straight. I had a wicked slice back in those early days of learning the game, but every now and again I stuck that driver true, and the ball flew straight and far. I didn’t exactly tear up the course in those days, but a good drive was always a good start. Drivers have come a long way since those days, in materials and design. Take our subject today, the PING G25 driver.

The latest offering from PING is a follow up to the PING G20, which has become well known as an extremely forgiving driver. The G25 continues that trend, with a slightly larger and deeper club face and a very stealth-like appearance with its matte black finish. PING has added adjustability to the G25 with a half degree loft above or below the stated loft. The head is a standard 460cc with a traditional shape at address and a nice v-shaped alignment mark up top. The G25 is available in 4 lofts: 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degrees. For this test, I started with a 9.5 head and the stiff flex shaft.

g25 driver hosel

Look & Feel

This driver has an understated look — not flashy, but it definitely looks like it means business. The PING  360 ID8 stock grip feels solid, and is available in several sizes to fit bigger hands. Striking the ball gives a satisfying crack, almost muted, different than some titanium drivers. The driver tracks well and feels solid in the hands all the way through impact. It was easy to find the sweet spot on the G25, which seems like it is most of the clubface.

g25 driver crown

Distance & Accuracy

One thing that was immediately apparent with the G25: it was easy to hit the ball straight. This driver launches the ball with very low spin compared to other drivers that I have hit. Less spin and good trajectory translate into good distance and roll. It was possible to shape shots both draw and fade. With the 9.5 degree head, I had trouble getting a good launch angle (more issues with my swing than with the club). Switching to the 10.5 degree set the world right again, and brought groups of shots even close together…and longer. This also shows the value of a good fitting; with the wide range of available lofts and customization options, it definitely makes a big difference to get properly fitted.

g25 driver face

Forgiveness & Control

The G25 feels like it has a sweet spot that takes up the entire club face. It was difficult to miss hit this driver for that very reason. The PING G20 was well known as a very forgiving driver, and the G25 lives up to that legacy. Lower handicappers will appreciate the low spin and good launch trajectory as well as the ability to shape shots. Higher handicappers with appreciate the forgiveness and large sweet spot it provides. The added feature of adjustability gives fitters and golfers the ability to fine tune and set up the driver for a particular swing.

Overall Impression

I had a hard time finding anything about the G25 that I didn’t like. It didn’t take a ton of work to hit long, straight drives, it was forgiving on off center hits (of which I usually have many), it has a long list of customization options, and is manufactured to PING’s rigorous standards…..what’s not to like? For the golfers that want bag candy, this is not your driver. For Golfers that want a no muss, no fuss tool for hitting fairways in regulation, your search will end with the PING G25 driver.


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