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Review: PING Scottsdale TR Shea H Putter

Review: PING Scottsdale TR Shea H Putter

The amount of technology that goes into today’s putters is astounding, and the number of different options in the market today is dizzying: long, short, blade, mallet, milled face, inserts, smooth-face. Then we get into putters designed for a particular swing style: straight, slight arc, strong arc. The number of possible combinations is virtually endless, and PING has always excelled in a market with myriad choices.  I recently had a chance to check out the Scottsdale TR Shea H putter from the fine folks at PING. The Scottsdale TR line has 12 different head options and three different shaft-length ranges with a USGA/R&A conforming adjustable shaft. The Shea H model is a semi-blade putter, and my demo club had a standard length shaft set at about 34 inches.

Look & Feel

First impression looking at this club was its heft, it just felt substantial. The stock midsize PP58 cord grip felt great in the hands and encouraged a square grip at address. With a head of 365 grams, using the weight of the club felt very natural and large white alignment markings against the flat black club head made lining up to the ball a snap. Ball contact was crisp and solid, with ample feedback to the grip. The modified blade shape of the head distributes weight to the sole primarily, but also to the toe and heal. The result is the putter head doesn’t wiggle around at impact.

ping scottsdale tr shea h back


Putters are a very personal club not often changed once a working combination is chosen. Accuracy can depend on many factors that lie firmly in the “operator” and less on the putter. That being said a good putter can reduce certain tendencies and aid the golfer by rolling true based on address and line; in other words will it help you hit what you aim at. Judged under that lens, the Scottsdate TR performed admirably. A little time spent on the practice green getting used to the weight was very helpful, and it was easy to get dialed in and accurate. Out on the course it was on when I was, and rewarded me a couple of nice putts from outside 15 feet.


For a semi-blade putter, the Shea H was fairly tolerant of off-center hits. Already being a fairly small-faced putter, it dictates center-face hits almost by design. There really isn’t any room on the face of this putter to hit it off-center, but if you do the weight of the head keeps the ball on the intended line and prevents the head from twisting.

ping scottsdale tr shea h grooves

Overall Impressions

I really enjoyed this putter, and the adjustability feature was an added bonus. The club was well-made, and it looked and performed great. As I mentioned earlier, putters are extremely specialized these days, with different configurations galore. This really increases the need to spend some time with a good fitter to select the right one for your putting style. With all the options available in the PING Scottsdale TR line, it is easy to see that one can be set up to fit just about any style and skill level. 

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