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Review: Taylormade PENTA Golf Ball

Taylormade PENTA:  Closing the gap with the #1 ball in golf 


First impression: I signed up for Taylormade’s free two pack promotion at the beginning of June. Ever since that generous promotion I haven’t found a ball that out performs this ball in the categories that are most important to me.

Appearance: I absolutely love the look of this ball the font and the rich red color of the numbers. They didn’t try to reinvent the wheel with the design, this is classic simple look.

Sound & Feel: The feel of this golf ball is soft yet still solid off the wedges and driver. I was concerned with how soft this ball felt around the greens. I assumed the irons and driver it would feel too soft even mushy. Well I couldn’t have been more wrong. The ball still feels soft but still feels very solid off the driver and long irons. A great test for me with sound and feel is bouncing a ball on lob wedge. The way Tiger made so famous in his Nike commercials. The ball feels so solid and sounds great when you do this simple test. With the driver it has that classic sound that we are accustom to hearing. The sound and feel of the PENTA are near perfect!

Durability: This is a major factor for most good players in the premium ball market. I will compare this ball to its number one competitor the Titleist ProV-1. The ProV-1 will have a cut in it when nearly every full wedge shot. The PENTA is much more durable, this will scuff up from full wedge shots but it does leave actually parts of the cover in the grooves of your wedges! The PENTA is far superior in durability compared to the ProV-1!

Length: This is usually hard to compare length compared to my previous gamer. But with this ball I used for the entire summer and was consistently hitting the ball further than the ProV. This ball makes up for the distance in the carry category. I wasn’t getting more roll it was clearly carry the ball just wouldn’t come out of the air! With my irons I was also hitting it farther, the ball has great carry characteristics. Again the PENTA exceeds expectations.

Spin: When playing this ball I kept expecting that it would fall short in this key category. The spin around the greens was exactly what I was looking for. On chips that I wanted it to spin it would and on bump and run type shots it wouldn’t. With a full wedge from the fairway I could easily back the ball up with ease. Spin off the driver is fairly hard to judge just playing on the course. This ball definitely spins more than most premium balls. The higher spin rate helps keep the ball in the air but definitely will create some side spin as well. I would say the spin of this ball is good for a lower digit handicap that needs optimal spin with the wedges and can handle the side spin aspect of the ball. Higher handicaps should stay away from this ball.

Overall: The Taylormade PENTA is a premium ball suited for lower digit handicaps. No surprise there, more specifically this ball is for someone looking for a high spin rate ball that is more durable and the number one ball in golf! PENTA has to be one of the best feeling golf balls on the market. They have come a long way as premium ball Market they are gaining world wide recognition with some significant wins on all tours!

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