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Review: TaylorMade RocketBladez Irons

Review: TaylorMade RocketBladez Irons

Finally, Finally, Finally!!! Winter is finally over and we are able to play golf OUTDOORS again! The first official round of the spring is always special, in spite of the amount of rust that has gathered on my golf swing over this much-too-long winter. It was a great feeling to actually walk on grass again and tee up and sight down a real fairway! This first round was also special because I was able to demo a fine set of irons, the 2013 TaylorMade RocketBladez irons. Usually irons are not a part of my bag that I change out often…I like my irons consistent and predictable. That being said, I couldn’t resist trying out the latest offering from TaylorMade on reputation alone.

rocketbladez construction

Look & Feel
TaylorMade has always put out a product that looks as good as it performs, and the RocketBlades are no exception. I would definitely give them an A+ on the bling factor. From the top at address, the look is minimal with no hint of the larger sole. I have never been attracted by good looks alone; I knew a little range time would be in order to put these irons through the paces. The RocketBladez are buttery smooth at impact, with no vibration and a solid crack. The grips felt comfortable, although my preference would be for a nice cord grip. Many customization options are available, and grips are a common first modification.

rocketbladez topline

Distance & Accuracy
One word of caution — or elation, depending on your point of view — these irons hit long. It was a good thing I chose to hit a bucket before tee time, or I would have been flying every green. I usually hit my 7-iron 165 to 170 yards, but the RocketBladez 7-iron checked in at 190. In the accuracy department, the sweet spot of these irons is larger and lower on the face than most irons, which resulted in shots that stayed on line, even when not hit perfectly square. The initial launch trajectory was high with a very sharp descent. Shots held the green when landing with the scoring irons with very little rollout.

rocketbladez face

Forgiveness & Control
The large sweet spot of the RocketBladez, combined with the high launch trajectory, make this set of irons extremely forgiving. Middle to high handicappers will appreciate the increased distance and the enhanced ability to make solid contact. Backspin was created without effort, aided by the high launch and sharp descent if these irons. One compromise with the iron is that the ability to shape shots is somewhat hampered by the larger sweet spot, it was possible, but took a more exaggerated motion.

rocketbladez speed pocket

Overall Impression
TaylorMade has put together the full package with the RocketBladez irons. They look great, they perform great, and with the customization options that are available, they can be set up to meet the preference of golfers of any skill level.

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  • Franky on July 11, 2013

    Thanks for the great review! if anyone is looking for another review you might want to check out heres the link. hope this helps anyone else.
    I have the rocketbladez and love them

  • Professional Golf Grips on July 17, 2013

    Great review, good stuff as always!

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