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Review: Titleist 913D3 Driver

Review: Titleist 913D3 Driver

Titleist 913D3 is a 445cc classic pear shaped driver with innovations to the face insert, rear weight and lower CG location that deliver the best combination of speed and forgiveness. Our patented SureFit Tour hosel technology allows loft and lie to be independently adjusted to precisely fit your game. 913D3 delivers Tour inspired workability with distance and forgiveness, with uncompromised looks, sound and feel.  –

Titleist released the 913D series in November, amidst much excitement in the golf community — after all, the No. 1 player in the world was using it (at the time). The claims made by Titleist for their latest and greatest driver were much like the claims you hear from any golf company: faster ball speed, more forgiveness, higher launch, lower spin, and better feel. We’ve all heard it before. I received my 913D3 with just enough time to spare in the 2012 season to break it in, and share my thoughts.


The technology in the 913D3 driver is nothing new and groundbreaking, but more existing technology and features that have been improved. The main feature is the Surefit hosel, which can independently alter the loft and lie angles of the club. Titleist has attempted to make fitting the hosel as simple as possible by including a chart of the 16 possible settings you can make with the hosel, along with the ball flight it should help create.

Tuning the Surefit hosel is very simple. Start by hitting balls in the standard A-1 setting. For loft changes move up or down and for direction move left or right. Repeat the process as needed or if needed. Of course this should be done when the driver is purchased and fitted, but golfers just can’t help themselves and will likely be tinkering with the technology later on.


The 913D3 isn’t as long as some other 2013 drivers for one reason: Titlest drivers are all standard length at 45 inches, which is great for accuracy and consistency, but because of this, the clubhead speed won’t be as high as it is with longer-shafted new drivers. The 913 drivers won’t be the longest drivers on the market this year.


Here’s where the shorter shaft length pays off. It makes the 913D3 more accurate and consistent than longer drivers, which I prefer over having a few more yards.


All Titleist drivers are designed to allow players to work tee shots if needed, therefore they will be a little lacking in the forgiveness category. There is also a more forgiving and larger 913D2 clubhead available.


With multiple loft options, the adjustable Surefit hosel, and countless shafts and flexes available almost any player is able tweak the 913D3 driver to achieve optimum launch and spin. Getting fit by an expert is key to understanding where your club specs need to be so that they work with your natural swing to produce the best results.


Titleist drivers haven’t changed their shape in decades. My 913D3 looks just like the 975J that I had in high school, just a little larger. The classic-looking “pear shape” is tough to beat, and with the 2013 drivers from other companies looking a little bolder and flashier, the 913D series will surely appeal to the purist and traditionalist.


Sound is purely personal preference. The sound is probably the only thing I would criticize. I personally like my driver to be loud at impact, the 913 is a little on the quieter side. I may be in the minority on this one, but I want everyone the course to hear when I’ve teed off.


Feel will be tough to beat. I am a big fan of Titleist going with the Mitsubishi Diamama +Plus series of shafts as stock options, not some watered down “made for” garbage. I have always thought Mitsubishi makes the best-feeling shafts on the market, and many golfers would agree. If you happen to disagree, there are other stock options available, and tons of custom shaft options. Ultimately, feel comes down to the shaft and player preference, get the correct one and feel should be spot on.

Final Thoughts

The 913D3 will fit the needs of the more accomplished player. Any golfer who likes to work tee shots and hits the center of the clubface more often than not should do themselves a favor and give this club a tryout when they consider a new driver for the 2013 season.

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