When Rory McIlroy was a kid, he would practice his short game by chipping balls into his mom’s washing machine until it had more dings and dents than Tiger’s Escalade. In a new video titled “Rory Vs. The Robot,” the two-time major champion has a new washing machine challenge on his hands, in the form of a driving range shootout with a mechanical swing-testing machine. Rory and the Robot trade shots at numerous, sometimes comically large and booby-trapped washing machines, all the while trading verbal jabs at each other (it’s as funny as it sounds).


This video is part of the “Every Shot Imaginable” video campaign by the European Tour, which showcases the inventiveness  and shot-making skills of Tour players by challenging to pull of near-impossible shots like skipping a ball 200 yards across the water to bang a floating gong. The campaign has been a hit, garnering more than 13 million views on its Youtube channel. 


As a boy of only eight years old, McIlroy appeared on a British talk show to talk about his dream of playing professional golf and hit some chip shots at a stunt washing machine in the studio, very reminiscent of Tiger Woods’ star turn on the Mike Douglas Show at the age of two. This latest video plays into that nostalgia and adds a bit of fun to the mix, as well.

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