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Congrats to Brandt Snedeker… AND his new R11 driver!

Congrats to Brandt Snedeker… AND his new R11 driver!


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Congrats to Brandt Snedeker on his Tour Championship victory and making Davis Love’s 2012 Ryder Cup Team! It’s been an exciting year for ‘ol Brandt, and we can’t wait for the 2012 Ryder Cup.

Brandt is known for keeping clubs in the bag for quite some time, especially his driver. Snedeker was possibly the last major player on tour to brandish the mythic TaylorMade Burner SuperFast – the original.

Pics from the British Open (below) this year can see Snedeker finally falling in-line with the White Club trend, but there’s nothing ‘new’ about Brandt’s latest addition to the bag… that’s right folks, Snedeker is NOT hitting the new RocketBallZ, or even the R11 S driver – it’s the 2011 TaylorMade R11 driver (9 degree) with a Matrix Ozik shaft.

brandt snedeker at 2012 british open
The R11 Driver

Released in 2011 by TaylorMade. Features TaylorMade’s Flight Control Technology (FCT) that allows for loft adjustability 1-degree plus or minus. It also features TM’s Movable Weight Technology (MWT), which allows you to adjust the CG for finer control. Also, the R11 features the Adjsutable Sole Plate (ASP) design that gives players the ability to adjust the clubface from open-to-neutral-to-closed.

taylormade r11 driver and r11 s driver
The R11 Driver vs The R11 S Driver

Only a year old, the original R11 driver holds up to all the latest and greatest technology. Though the clubhead is actually a 440cc, in comparison to the the R11 S’s 460cc head, many players prefer it. The slightly smaller head gives a bit more confidence at address, especially for those looking for more control off the tee.

taylormade r11 driver and r11 s driverR11 on the left, R11-S on the right
The R11 S, released just this year, is equipped with more adjustability, allowing for 1.5-degree of loft adjustment, and five different settings for the clubface angle. The R11 driver, released 2011, has only 1-degree of loft adjustment in either direction (plus or minus) and three clubface angle settings instead of five.

taylormade r11 driver and r11 s driverR11 on the left, R11-S on the right
Why does Brandt Snedeker play the R11 driver instead of the R11 S? Well, we haven’t been able to reach him for comment, but one could surmise that the lesser adjustability is no issue for him, as I’m sure his finely-tuned swing requires a club with very little adjustability (if any), and the 440cc head actually may be preferable to Snedeker, as it is to many, especially those looking for more shot-shaping capabilities off the tee.

taylormade r11 driver and r11 s driverR11 on the left, R11-S on the right
Additionally, the R11 has different CG placement (center of gravity) than the R11 S. The R11 has a CG placement that is lower and farther back in the head, so ball flight is a bit higher than the R11 S, which is weighted for lower, more penetrating flights. This can be seen in the crown-view and toe-view photos just by the shape of the head alone; you’ll notice the R11 retains the same flatter, elongated head made famous by the SuperFast and SuperFast 2.0, which is a design meant to get higher launch with less spin. The R11 S marks a return by TaylorMade to the more ‘traditional’-shaped head, though it is larger in volume to add forgiveness.

Why It’s a Good Buy?

Why might the R11 be better for you? Well, again, the smaller clubhead volume is preferable to many golfers, not only scratch players. And the ticket on the R11 driver is over $100 less for a certified preowned model next to the 2012 R11 S in the same condition. The R11 retails for around $230 and the R11 S for around $360, preowned.

If you don’t mind the slightly lesser adjustability and perhaps even prefer a smaller clubhead (not by much), then the TaylorMade R11 driver might be a better buy for you! It certainly was for Brandt Snedeker.

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