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Spring Golf in Minnesota – The Art of Waiting

Spring Golf in Minnesota – The Art of Waiting

About a month ago, many were optimistic that we’d be slapping golf balls outdoors come mid-March. Unfortunately, the annual teasing we are dished out during the spring months of Minnesota is in full bloom. We’re either expecting 20 more inches of snow or 40 degree weather, sometimes both. While some still hold firm to the idea that we’ll be hitting the greens one week from today, the overwhelming majority err on the side of extreme caution. Personally, I’m shooting for mid-July. That’s one way to guarantee certainty and another way to keep my hopes so low that when the time does come (ideally months prior to said date), I’ll be in for a pleasant surprise.

I was able to experience the growing golf excitement most recently through the 2011 Golf Shows — both in Minneapolis and Chicago. Although both had their differences, one thing remained constant.  Anticipation for using that new driver (white, anybody?). Anticipation for the start of the 2011 PGA season. Anticipation for having a great reason to wake up at the crack of dawn on a weekend to sneak in a round at your favorite course. The list goes on.

I was also able to observe how golf is truly an ageless sport. It’s quite common to interact with golfers three times my age then to turn around and have the same interaction with someone less than half my age. Most other sports can’t boast that range of clientele. This is certainly one of the greater appeals of golf and it shows.

As frustratingly unpredictable as Minnesota conditions might appear, there are a few certainties creeping up on us. There will be warmer weather soon. There will be green fairways on which you’ll walk (or perhaps somewhere amongst the trees). And no matter where you might be in your journey of life, there will be more golf to play. So limber up, stretch the golf muscles, and embrace this exciting time of year. With a bit of luck, we’ll be teeing up before mid-July.

– Ryan Fortune

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