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Stylish Headcover Companies: Give Your Bag a Retro Look

Stylish Headcover Companies:  Give Your Bag a Retro Look
It was 1991 when Callaway introduced its line of Big Bertha metal woods. In many ways it was a club that dramatically changed golf equipment.

The heads on these clubs were bigger – though the 190 cubic centimeters is tiny compared to every driver on the market just more than 20 years later – and the Big Bertha spawned the Great Big Bertha, the Biggest Big Bertha and quest for size that finally ended with the USGA capping driver size at 460 cc.

But the Big Bertha also changed something else – it was the first club embraced by the masses that came with advertising attached in the form of a headcover. It might not have been the first club that came with a headcover, but it was the first seen all over the place.

I’m old enough to remember buying sets of matching headcovers. I had some knit ones with numbers stitched in and poms on top. I know I had some furry ones as well. But, like most golfers, my bag has been filled with what are essentially advertisements for club companies for a couple of decades.
Lately, however, that has started to change. Aside from one hybrid, I’ve gone a little bit retro. No, I don’t have matching vinyl headcovers that are held together with a string, but I have opted for a cleaner look to my bag.

I’m certainly not alone in that. Considering the number of companies now making cool looking retro headcovers, there are players out there who want a clean look, want something that matches their bag or want something that doesn’t scream, “Come steal my new $400 driver.”

So if you want something a little different, you certainly have some options. Here are four companies worth taking a look at:

Stitch Golf is a small company out of North Carolina that makes both leather and knit wool headcovers. They have a bunch of photos on their Facebook page including some new photos of some leather headcovers that are going in the pro shop at Bandon Dunes. They are some sweet looking headcovers.

Cru Golf is based out of Texas and they make leather headcovers. On their website they have a number of pre-designed options for golfers, but they also have custom options. If you have to have a cool headcover that nobody else has, you can design your own personal leather headcover. While it isn’t cheap, it is pretty cool. You can also find a review of Cru Golf’s work in this post at Fresh Golf. You can also see a bunch of headcovers on the Cru Facebook page.

A final new company that I think is very cool is Seamus Golf out of Oregon. The guys at Seamus have a different take on headcovers. Instead of traditional knit headcovers or leather headcovers, they make cool wool headcovers that feature cool plaid prints. I saw some Seamus headcovers at Columbia-Edgewater Country Club in Portland, Oregon on a recent trip to the Northwest. These headcovers are pretty cool as they have fleece on the inside. Seamus puts small leather tags on the opening of the headcover that feature the logo of the club.

I was initially concerned that these barrel headcovers wouldn’t stay on the club, but that wasn’t the case. They certainly look good and serve a good function. There are Facebook photos here.

There are certainly other companies including Iliac, Jan Craig and Rocket Tour that make funky headcovers, but if you’re looking for something that your buddies don’t have, there are more and more options.  
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