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TaylorMade Ghost Tour Putters Review

TaylorMade Ghost Tour Putters Review

TaylorMade Ghost Tour Putters Review: $149.99 to $189.99

Click HERE to by a TaylorMade Ghost Tour Putter NOW from 2nd Swing Golf.

Click HERE to by a TaylorMade Ghost Tour Putter NOW from 2nd Swing Golf.

The 2014 TaylorMade Ghost Tour Putters series has combined the productivity of a great flat stick and the sleek look that many golfers covet today. Each of the models brings a little something different to the table in terms of “play” but all look and feel excellent (as long as you can handle the white finish).

TaylorMade’s objective with these putters was to give the golfer complete confidence in their product. You must love how it feels, sounds and looks.

There are six models in this series: Daytona 12 (40-degree toe hang), Daytona 62 (57-degree toe hang), Maranello 81 (65-degree toe hang), Fontana 72 (0 degree toe hang), Sebring 62 (65 degree toe hang), and Monte Carlo 12 (25 degree toe hang).

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Technology (8 out of 10)

All six have a new multi-material insert that is made of 80 percent Surlyn and 20 percent aluminum. These putters retail for $149.99, but the Daytona 12 and Fontana 72 also are available with a black shaft for $189.99.

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Looks (8 out of 10)

The first thing I thought of when holding a TaylorMade Tour series putter for the first time was Odyssey’s Versa Putters line. The color schemes are remarkably similar.

Both companies use contrasting colors to keep the golfer focused on the ball. All six putters have a similar white and black finish that is very appealing to the eye.

I also found the shafts in these putters to be very sharp. Each shaft is stepless and has a smooth chrome finish. Both Daytona putters as well as the Sebring are blade style, while the other three are mallet style. While I loved the look of all six putters, I do prefer the look of the blade putters, especially at address.

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Performance (8 out of 10)

The thing I caught right away when using these putters was the sound. As the face of each putter made contact with the ball, the sound was almost identical. It is a soft, almost mute sound when struck correctly. I think this is what TaylorMade was trying to do with the 80/20 face insert.

The ball also left the face with forward spin, causing it to roll smoothly along the surface of the green. Even though three of the putters are a blade style and the other three are mallets, I didn’t really feel a difference in forgiveness.

Due to the fact I have a straight putting motion with no arc, the face-balanced Fontana 72 Putter gave me the best results. For those players with slight arcs in their putting motion, it would be wise to give the Daytona 12 or Monte Carlo 12 a try.

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For players with a strong arc, the Daytona 62, Maranello 81, and Sebring 62 putters would be the best options.


Final Thoughts (Overall: 8 out of 10)

I was very impressed with these putters. Depending on what type of putting stroke you have, you can definitely find a putter in this series to work for you.

I compared the Fontana 72 to TaylorMade’s higher-priced Ghost Spider Mallet Putters towards the end of my trial.  I found the Spider to have an even truer feel than the Fontana.

This is probably because the Ghost Spider putter has a face insert that is 100 percent Surlyn and contains no aluminum. The TaylorMade Ghost Tour Putter series is a great option at the $149.99 price point, but if you can afford a little more, you won’t regret buying the TaylorMade Ghost Spider Mallet Putters.

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