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TaylorMade R11 S Driver Review

A Brisk Saturday Morning

It’s always an exciting moment on a Friday afternoon when it dawns on me: After work, Golf. On this particular Friday I decided to take out the new R11S, 9 degree driver. The first thing I noticed was its aesthetic similarity to the R11, with its white Crown and the adjustable loft and face angles. I practically ran to my car as soon as the boss was not looking (as an employee at 2nd Swing Golf I am able to demo most clubs, except the new releases. That is to say that I kind of… snuck out with this one for the weekend!)

I first took the R11 up to the range. The driver was very light, well-weighted and balanced in my hands. When lining up my first shot the main thing I look for is: how is this driver going to feel at impact and does it give me the confidence I want? As for the confidence factor I was able to use the expanded loft and face adjustments to get this club to sit a little closed—just like I like it. At the moment of impact the FEEL aspect certainly came into play, and I was satisfied. I could feel the ball compress and the driver cush it out. The white face reduces that glare, which I realized also gave me confidence on address, and that’s ninety-percent of what driving is for me and other ‘grip-it-and-rip-it’ players—confidence.

Gorss National Golf Course, Minneapolis MN, 1st Hole

Gross National Golf Course, Minneapolis MN, 1st Hole

After the range I felt like taking the driver with for my Saturday morning 18. When I hit the club on the screws the ball was gone and then everyone around had to hit it at least once! The run at Gross National Golf Club was coming out very well. The grass was green and lush and for a brisk March morning I could not have played on a better-maintained course. I played a few balls into the trees on the first couple holes, most likely because I had a hard time getting limber—the wind had a strong chill that morning. Other than that I played a few fantastic rescue shots from the rough to save a few pars. The greens were in great shape with little to no brown or dead marks on the greens and the fairways and tee boxes were well manicured. I was more than satisfied with the experience. The one thing that was surprising was the lack of leaves on the course. I did not lose one ball because of leaves in the rough. This course was well taken care of for this early in the year.

Gross National Golf Course, Minneapolis MN

Goss National Golf Course, Minneapolis MN

Out of the whole experience I would definitely say that if you have not hit the R11S, or especially if you have never tried the R11, take it out for a round. Make sure you bring the tool though, and play with the adjustments, because beyond its explosive power this driver can be dialed in to anyone’s individual comfort zone to help promote confidence and overall results.

You can see 2nd Swing’s site for R11 S Driver product details and specs, as well as shaft options for the R11 S TP Driver.

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