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TaylorMade SLDR S Fairway Woods

TaylorMade SLDR S Fairway Woods

TaylorMade SLDR S Fairway Woods: $229.99 

(All new 2014 SLDR S metalwoods are available now at 2nd Swing Golf)

Click HERE as of June 6 to buy a New 2014 TaylorMade S Class Fairway Wood at 2nd Swing.

Click HERE to pre-order now and buy on May 16 new 2014 TaylorMade S Fairway Woods at 2nd Swing.

“SLDR distance for all.” — TaylorMade


The TaylorMade SLDR S Fairway Woods, according to the company, offer a tremendous combination of distance and ease of launch, providing distance for all, regardless of one’s clubhead speed.


taylormade sldr s 3 wood

The new TaylorMade SLDR S Fairway Wood is made with a low and forward CG for high loft, little spin and greater distance.



sldr s fairway wood specs

This diagram shows how the new 2014 TaylorMade SLDR S metalwoods use a low and forward CG for less spin and greater distance.

Here are some of the features included in the brand-new TaylorMade SLDR S Class Fairway Woods: 

  • A low profile head design with shallow face to promote easy launch and excellent playability.
  • The company’s Speed Pocket design for fast ball speed to create longer distance.
  • The center of gravity (CG) is low-forward for fast ball speed, low spin and optimal launch conditions
  • It has a satin silver crown with black button-back for easier alignment at address.
  • Comes with a Fujikura shaft designed specifically for a fairway wood to promote long distance with more controlled accuracy.
taylormade sldr s fairways

The new TaylorMade SLDR S Fairway Woods are made to generate more loft off the face, making them easier to use from the deck.

The new S Class SLDR Fairway Woods comes in the TaylorMade’s new modern-classic shape, which features satin-silver crown and black “button-back.” The company calls it a “remarkably beautiful appearance at address” that’s functional as well by making clubface alignment simpler.

TaylorMade’s engineers added the company’s patented Speed Pocket design to make the face shallower while still maintaining a high rate of  speed for the SLDR S Class Fairway Woods. The SLDR S 3-wood’s face is shallower than the regular SLDR, lowering the CG in relation to the center of the clubface to make it easier to launch the ball on a high angle.

The benefit is a high, long-carrying ball-flight that descends on a steep angle for quick, controlled landings, according to TaylorMade.

taylormade sldr s fairway woods

The new 2014 TaylorMade SLDR S of metalwoods includes fairways (center) with a lower forward CG for more loft, less spin and greater distance and come in five set loft angles.

The new 2014 TaylorMade SLDR S Fairway Woods are equipped with a Fujikura Speeder 65 shaft, which is made specifically for this club. At 65 grams, the SLDR S Fairway Woods’ shaft is 12 grams lighter than the original SLDR Fairway Woods’ shaft, allowing for greater clubhead speed and more distance, according to the company. The shaft has also been shortened in the 5-, 5 HL (high loft)-, and 7-fairway woods to promote more consistency at impact.

Finally, the new TaylorMade SLDR S Fairway Woods come in five lofts: 3-wood at 15 degrees, 3-wood HL at 17 degrees, 5-wood at 19 degrees, 5-wood HL at 21 degrees and 7-wood at 23 degrees.  

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