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The Masters’ Green Monday

The Masters’ Green Monday

The MastersGreen Monday

Golf’s Unofficial Kickoff.

For many, the allure of the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament has been a predominant focus the last few weeks, and for good reason. However, March Madness is winding down, and for golfers the season is just heating up.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you today, this glorious April 7, 2014 — GREEN MONDAY. Much like how Black Friday is the recognized beginning of the Holiday Shopping season, Green Monday is the quintessential beginning of the golfing season.

The Masters

For months, many golfers in snow-bound states have been waiting for spring. Particularly this year, the allure of the the golf season has been out or arm’s reach. Between record-cold temperatures and snowfall amounts that seem to be climbing daily, just the idea of the 2014 golfing season has appeared to be an unattainable dream.

But have no fear, for today is Master’s Monday — Green Monday.

The Masters Tournament is like no other, and — of course — it kicks off this week. Finally.

The Masters

It’s a tournament full of tradition, of hope and of a desire, in large part as the true beginning of the golfing season. While the PGA Tour has been in competition for weeks now, particularly with this year’s earlier-than-normal start, for many casual golfers the Masters Tournament signifies the real start, since it is the season’s first major and coincides with actual green grass outside for many of us.

The Masters

Come Thursday this week, golfers and non-golfers alike will be glued to the Masters’ leaderboard. Whether watching from work, sneaking away early to catch the action at a their favorite watering hole or watching late-night coverage of the Augusta action, the excitement of the Masters is palpable. As well it should be.

The Masters, for many, is the most important Major of the year.

For the professional golfer, it’s the season’s first chance at immortality; the opportunity to cement themselves as a Major tournament winner at a venue with historic implications. For the elite of the world, those in pursuit of the ever-elusive Grand Slam, that dream will live or die right at the start with the Masters.

But for most casual golfers, the Masters marks the beginning of the golfing season, also full of hope (Much like baseball’s opening day, frankly, spring hopes eternal. Hey, even the Cubs have a chance in early April.).

The Masters

It’s a chance for us to improve our handicaps, to break 100, to break 90, to break 80. Each golfing season begins anew, full of desire and of a re-commitment to improving and greater consistency. Last year is far in the rear-view mirror, and the quest for better shots resulting in lower scores starts again.

So what does Green Monday mean to you? Is it simply the promise of spring, and a summer that’s right around the corner?

Is it a renewed hope for “the best season of your golfing career?” Maybe it’s opportunity to play more golf than you ever have? The chance to achieve your own personal immortality by shooting a score you’ve never accomplished — or thought possible even.

No matter your golfing desire, your mom and sister have nothing on you with 4 a.m. lines in the freezing cold the day after Thanksgiving. Green Monday marks the start — the beginning of the pursuit of personal goals, of the opportunity to cheer on your favorite golfer and of the hope that you, too, can achieve your own personal golf greatness.

The Masters

Rejoice, fellow golfers! For today is Green Mondayand anything is possible (Can I get an amen?)!

The blogging staff at 2nd Swing Golf is committed to bringing you unique coverage during Masters’ week. Continue to look for insightful coverage and analysis you cannot find anywhere else, brought to you by golfers that love the game, that are passionate about improving and that are hopeful that 2014 will be the best golfing year ever…for you.

So be sure to tell your friends, today is Green Monday.

The Masters


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