Golf’s two largest companies aren’t finished with their 2013 club lineups quite yet: TaylorMade and Callaway are both slated to release a brand new driver in the coming weeks. In this post we’ll take you through what we know about TaylorMade’s new driver, and follow up tomorrow with Callaway.

TaylorMade SLDR Driver

The SLDR — as in Slider — looks like it essentially has made TaylorMade’s Moveable Weight Technology (MWT) easier to comprehend and manipulate. The idea behind MWT this is that by shifting weight placement inside the clubhead, you can help to promote a fade or a draw shot shape, or reduce the effects of a slice or hook tendency. So now, instead of replaceable weights in ports in the heel and toe, you’ve got this slider in the sole to do it. SLDR-IER, anyone?

taylormade sldr

taylormade sldr 1 taylormade sldr 2

As you can see, the SLDR appears to have the same loft-adjustable hosel as the RocketBallz Stage 2 driver, and they’ve gone back to black again, echoing the recent R1 Black, which was the first TaylorMade driver since 2011 to be offered with something other than a white crown. (Is black the new white? Wait, we thought white was the new black…) It’s not entirely clear what the dial-like silver piece on the back of the crown does, if anything.  Per usual, TaylorMade has unleashed its army of PGA Tour pros to play and promote the new driver, including Shawn Stefani, Boo Weekley, Johnson Wagner and Lucas Glover. 

taylormade sldr wagner taylormade sldr glover taylormade sldr stefani


No word yet on when the SLDR will be available for sale, but expect it to be in the bags of at least a few players by the time the British Open begins on July 18.

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