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Three Easy Putting Tips to help avoid Three-Putts

Three Easy Putting Tips to help avoid Three-Putts

About every couple of years, I fall into a trap as a golfer. Like a lot of golfers who like equipment, I frequently find myself lusting after sweet looking putters. If a pro shop has some sweet milled putters sitting out, I have an almost magnetic attraction to them.

It doesn’t really matter what kind they are. They might be Scotty Camerons or Bettinardi or, of late, Pings or Odysseys. I’m going to pick them up, look at them, make some practice strokes with them.

Sometimes, I’m even silly enough to purchase one of these works of art.

Know what you need

When it comes to putting, there are three really important things in play that determine whether you hear the magical sound of the ball dropping in the cup or you’re putting again:


1) You have to figure out the line of the putt based on how hard you are going to hit the putt

2) You have to be lined up correctly

3) You have to put a good stroke on the putt


I assess MY putting like this:

1) I’m pretty good at reading greens and knowing what the ball is going to do

2) I am dreadful when it comes to lining up a putt and starting it where I need to

3) I’m above average when it comes to making a good stroke


If I want to play well, I really have to watch my alignment on every shot I hit — I tend to line up right of my target line on iron shots. But that’s crucial on the greens.


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