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Tinkering with the Golf Swing Not Advised

Tinkering with the Golf Swing Not Advised

Looks like I got a little greedy. I’d been hitting it pretty well in late June with two rounds in the seventies in a single week, more than I’d ever done in a whole season before. Then I decided that I could change a few things with my swing to achieve greater consistency and shoot low more often.

Sounds simple and not surprisingly it had the opposite effect.

In an attempt to increase club head speed I was cocking my wrists a bit more at address. This led to pushing the ball pretty regularly. Not happy with that type of shot shape, I started overcompensating with an aggressive inside out swing, one that my body doesn’t seem to like. The result is a pretty consistent mix of fades and pulls, and the ones I do hit well seem like accidents.

Luckily the short game is keeping things respectable and I’ve posted three rounds in the mid-eighties the last couple weeks. Overall, though, I’m standing over the ball not feeling confident where it’s going to go, and that’s not a good thing.

Lesson learned: when you’re going good, don’t tinker with the swing unless it’s under the advisement of a professional.

Former lesson learned to implement soon: when you aren’t going good, swallow your pride and get a lesson from a professional, preferably with video.

I’ll be scheduling a lesson soon and hopefully I can get back to hitting it solid and gear up for the final couple months of the season. Meanwhile, the hcp has actually gone down to a 6.1 after a few higher scores were supplanted in my top 10. Very close to reaching the goal of a 5 handicap and now facing some adversity. Time to dig deep.

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