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Titleist 714 AP2 Irons Review

Titleist 714 AP2 Irons Review

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The Take

The Titleist 714 AP2 irons are the much awaited update to one of Titleist’s best-selling iron sets of all time, the 712 AP2’s. These are forged, dual-cavity irons with the looks that Tour players (such as Jordan Spieth, who won the John Deere Classic with them, and Jason Dufner, who used them to win the PGA Championship) prefer and the performance that can be banked on by single-digit handicappers everywhere. What makes them so forgiving for their head shape? The heavier tungsten material that adds weight along the perimeter is set into the toe and hosel — not the heel — during the forging process, extending the weighting out to the very tips of the club head.

We managed to get our hands on a complete set of these new clubs before they hit stores, so we put them to the test with a couple of 712 AP2 players from very different golfing backgrounds:

Tom Schepers, Amateur, 7 Handicap

tom schepers 714 dispersion
“I demoed the 714 AP2 9-iron against its 712 predecessor. There was not an overly noticeable difference in feel, or in overall distance. The 714 gave me about 2 extra yards on average, and seemed to handle off-center shots better, but the most impressive feature of the 714 was the slightly lower trajectory. Keeping the ball on a tighter trajectory would be a huge benefit out on the course with the scoring irons. For the mid-irons test I used a 7-iron, and saw much of the same. Lower, more controlled trajectory on the 714’s leading to improved overall distance control. Again, the distance improved marginally — 3 yards or so — but no earth-shattering differences. I used the 4-iron for the long-irons comparison, and as promised the 714 launched high, and went far. Overall I gained a decent amount of distance over the 712, about 5 yards, which is significant enough in a line known for consistency. Overall distance dispersion was much improved on the 714, and that is a huge bonus on a club that gives plenty of opportunity for off-center shots. Feeling the off-center shot and still watching yourself get a decent amount of your intended distance is a nice surprise, and could shave some strokes off of a round.
I was actually surprised that I found such a tangible difference between the two sets. I was by no means trying to hit the 714’s any harder;  if anything, I was at the tail end of  my demoing session, when theoretically I should have gotten a little more fatigued. The distance gain wasn’t mind-blowing, but was very consistent, which is preferable for the better player who would be in the market for these irons. A very solid upgrade on a almost universally praised line of quality irons. “


John Harris, Champions Tour Golfer

John Harris AP2 Shot Dispersion

“I really liked the AP2 714 irons. The looked great and felt “soft” to me. The trajectory was great, and the ball got up effortlessly. I look forward to going through the process of trying different shafts and putting the clubs in my bag in 2014.”


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