In 2006 when Titleist produced the iron, it was their first right handed “blended” set with the cavity back long irons blending into muscle back short irons.  They had made back in 2002 a set desinged for Phil Mickelson when he was on staff with Titleist (731 PM), but those were only available to left handed golfers.  There was a lot of buzz in the industry with this release because not only were they a blended set of irons, they were also available in two different finishes, which also meant two different types of steel.  The chrome set used 1025 Mild Carbon Steel with a chrome top layer and the stainless set used 410 Stainless Steel.  Depending on who you spoke with many felt they they preformed differently based on the feel.  The stainless set retailed at $800, and the chrome set at $900 when they came out.  You can now get a nice used condition set at 2nd Swing Golf for hundreds less!

Visit for more specs or to order a Titlelist 735 today.

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