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Titleist Ball Fitting Event – July 12 @ U of M GC

Titleist Ball Fitting Event – July 12 @ U of M GC

The Titleist Mobile Fitting Team will be at the Les Bolstad Golf Course (U of M course) July 12, 2012 from 10am-6pm.

You can schedule your fitting online here, or call. The Titleist Mobile Fitting Team will not only fit you for your ideal golf ball, they will also be educating all of us on proper ball fitting. After your fitting you’ll understand why Titleist makes the Number 1 ball in golf.

Titleist Approach to Ball Fitting

  • From Green To Tee – The Titleist ball fitting process focuses on optimizing ball performance on the strokes that really matter, your scoring shots (approaches, pitches and chips). For instance, if you are around a 15-20 hcp, 45% of your shots will be to the green, and less than 16% will be with your driver. The Titleist ball-fitting process optimizes ball selection by building off of this simple yet effective principle.
  • Dispelling Golf Ball Myths – The Titleist Mobile Fitting Team will not only FIT YOU, they will also educate us and even dispel some age-old ball fitting myths, such as compression, swing speed and distance (spoiler alert: none of these factors actually have much to do with proper ball fitting).

The Process

  • Arrive 15-20min early to warm up and make sure to have your wedges, 6-iron and driver in hand.
  • Meet with a Titleist ball-fitting professional and hit some balls! They’ll be recording your performance wtih their state-of-the-art launch monitors and measuring it up against their mountain of swing data. After they analyze the results, they’ll give you TWO FREE sleeves of balls, one that best fits your swing tendencies, the other as the best alternative.
  • You’ll take your new Titleist balls and a Titleist Ball-Fitting scorecard and compare your actual results after the round to see which ball performed the best!

Go Here for more detailed information on Titleist’s ball-fitting process




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