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USGA Golf Science on Driving with Paula Creamer

USGA Golf Science on Driving with Paula Creamer

USGA Golf Science Series with Paula Creamer

New cool YouTube series on the USGA golf science video explores the physics behind a powerfully hit ball

USGA Golf Science

Watch Paula Creamer below describe the USGA golf science behind killing the ball deep.

LPGA champ Paula Creamer and PGA Tour rookie Michael Miller help explore the physics of golf, in particular, the science behind the tee shot and hitting a powerful drive.

In this segment, the USGA golf science series is in partnership with NBC Learn to explore how the physical laws of torque, centripetal force and the double pendulum weight effect work together on the golf swing. For instance, the double pendulum is when something is suspended freely from an anchor — or with a golfer — the effect of linear motion such as arms anchored to shoulders and wrists anchored to the club.

The series not only helps explain golf science, but also how to put that knowledge to use to improve your game.  Now check out how Paula Creamer destroys the ball: 

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