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What to get the golfing Dad this Fathers Day

What to get the golfing Dad this Fathers Day

We are a materialistic society.  We buy, we consume, we give and we take.  It’s who we are and what we do.  I don’t see anything inherently wrong with this, as I’m right there as well.  There’s nothing quite as exciting as getting a new toy for the golf bag, be it a new driver, a new putter or in my case another pair of shoes that I really don’t need.  So when it comes to Fathers Day, what do you get the golfing dad who’s got it all?

I took a quick search through the world of Google this morning with the terms “best fathers day golf gifts” to see what the almighty search engine would give me for ideas.  The usual advertisements came up for the big box golf retailers, with all their special pricing on the hottest clubs and gadgets.

Then of course there was the usual rotation of gift ideas.  Some were practical but required very little thought, like personalized golf balls.  Sure to be appreciated and used quickly by most dads.  Then the downright ridiculous like the Golf Club Kooler Klub, which is an insulated plastic golf club that dispenses 48oz of your favorite beverage.  A great gag gift for a buddy for sure, but is it the right thing to give the man who raised you and introduced you to this great game?  And let’s face it, he put up with a lot of crap didn’t he?  I think he deserves more than a gag gift.

So then what do you get him?  I think of my dad and wonder what he would appreciate, what would mean the most to him?  It is my opportunity to show him how much I appreciate him and all that he’s done.  There’s nothing wrong with buying a new club or new gadget as long as it’s one he’ll use and wants.  So go ahead and do that, but take it up a notch if you can.  Take your most valuable resource and spend it on your pops.  Combine your financial budget with your emotional one and spend some quality time with him.  Treat him to a round of golf together, or head out to the range and share a bucket of balls.  There’s nothing more valuable and important in this world than spending quality time with someone you care about.  We never know how much time we’ll have with someone, so go out and make some memories with your dad this Fathers Day.  My bet is that they’ll last longer than a Kooler Klub.

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