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Youth and Golf in America

Youth and Golf in America

What about the kids?

As golfers we spend a lot of time talking about our own golf games, our own equipment and how to fine tune our swings. We spend countless hours reading blogs like this one, (keep doing it by the way) and looking for the next best tip that will knock a couple strokes off of our games. We’re always looking for that perfect combination of clubs that will dial in our yardages and roll the putt true.

Which is all well and good, and as golfers it’s pretty much our responsibility to do those things. It’s in a golfer’s nature to do such things in an attempt to take our games to the next level. But think back to how you first got started with the game. Many of us were children exposed to the game by our fathers. Some might have been introduced to the game by a friend, a teacher, a coach.

Golf today needs help attracting new golfers, new customers and new enthusiasts. That starts with our youth. It starts in schools, camps, and our homes. Anyone who’s played a round of golf knows that golf is not a cheap endeavor, and that it takes a commitment to learn, play and enrich ones life with it.

With that in mind, it’s also our responsibility to do what we can to expose the youth in our life to this great game. Golf is much more than just a game, a hobby or something to kill some time with our buddies on a Saturday morning. It is a test of character, integrity and resolve. It teaches sportsmanship, honesty and respect. Respect for oneself, for our opponents and for the golf course. When taught golf from an early age, our kids can be instilled with these traits from the beginning. Not only will they grow up with a love for this game, but they will grow up to become solid, respectful and upstanding citizens.

Organizations like TGA, The First Tee of America, and others throughout the country are working to bring golf to our future generations. They are working to grow a passion for the game while developing core traits in the youth of America.

There are many ways that we can help these organizations succeed. From something as simple as a financial donation, to volunteering our time, to donating our old clubs, we all can make an impact on the future of golf. Golf has given each of us so much; memories, life lessons, friendships and more. It’s only fair that we pass those experiences onto the future generations.

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